Friday, 26 February 2021

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So you've decided that your bathroom needs updating Maybe it's looking old and tired or maybe it just doesn't suit your needs anymore You flick through the magazines and seeing all the glamorous photos of gleaming new bathrooms And all the many models of tap ware and tiles and vanities and showers and baths that are out there And you're thinking Phil Where do I go from here? What DIY certainly isn't for everyone, but neither is hiring an expensive contractor? So that's where we come in at bathroom Reno for you our qualified building Consultants help you work out a style and budget

That's exactly right for you and your home We're very hands-on so the first step is us coming to your home to see your bathroom and to discuss what you want to achieve a combination of your wish list and our professional know-how quickly creates a plan and of course we cover all the practicalities how to maximize your space the most efficient layout and how to get the best out of your budget And it doesn't matter whether you're working with a limited budget Or a sky's the limit budget We can help we are known for our helpful service and on-time on-budget solutions So if you're ready to talk taps chat about vanities or shoot the breeze about Showers then our team at bathroom Reno for you is ready to help We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and provide a 100% guarantee on all our work And we offer a free visit and quote service, so you've got nothing to lose in starting your conversation about your bathroom today To book your free quote call bathroom Reno for you on zero eight eight one two zero four one zero four or fill in our online form

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