Sunday, 1 November 2020

Richfield High School preliminary schematic design features renovated spaces, student common areas

Wold Architects and Engineers presents design at Aug. 20 school board meeting 



A preliminary design of the entry way of the high school. 

Within the Richfield Public Schools capital facility update, Wold Consulting presented a schematic design of Richfield High School at the Aug. 20 school board meeting. 

District-wide initiatives and improvements to buildings include secure entries, kitchen and serving renovations, Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant restroom improvements, mechanical improvements to indoor air quality, special education space improvements and long-term facility maintenance needs.

The design for the high school features expansion of the common space, the addition of a secure entry, a new three-story link between the north and south academic wings and new corridor link between the athletic wings.



A preliminary design of the common areas and classroom layout on the first floor of Richfield High School. 



A diagram features the renovated classrooms and flexible spaces on the second floor at Richfield High School. 

The administration offices will move to the front of the building. The district office will move from its current location and will be replaced by the high school offices.

Vaughn Dierks, a representative of Wold Architects and Engineers, said a big item for students is creating a new three-story link that connects the upper levels so they no longer have to go down the stairs and back up the stairs to go from one part of the building to another.

“This will work in the athletic areas as well,” Dierks said. “The project is predominantly about renovation spaces for the building.”

The athletic wing housing the gym will receive some renovations such as the addition of a corridor link, bathroom remodel and remodel of the concessions area to make the space more flexible. The boys and girls locker rooms, varsity locker rooms and varsity weight room will receive renovations with a corridor link addition.



A diagram features the renovated areas of the athletic wing within Richfield High School with the addition of a corridor and renovation of the boys and girls locker rooms.

Dierks said this was not something shown on the referendum diagrams because it was more part of the long-term facility maintenance.

“But as you take a look at how to take it apart and put it back together we’ve also been considering the addition of a gender-neutral locker room in that space as well,” Dierks said.

The renovations include some flexible spaces which provide a variety of seating environments for students to gather together or collaborate on projects. Bathrooms will also be renovated throughout the high school and the addition of more gender-neutral bathrooms. Dierks said they tried to locate those that were flexible throughout the school.

Dierks said they are doing work to reorganize the entire office function and approach to the main entry.

“The upper level also expands the commons,” Dierks said. “I should point out that there is a new large staircase inside of the commons area to help with circulation as well as a new staircase in front of the building to help with vertical circulation to move students around.”

The media center will also be renovated to provide more flexible space on the third floor of the school building with more flexible and common spaces for students.

“This will be a space that you see in a lot of other new high schools,” Dierks said. “If you go through, you see it changes from an institutional cafeteria to a student common space that can be used before school and after school.”

Andy Dahlquist of Wold Architects and Engineers said they are looking to bid the project out in late fall after design development and construction drawings.

“Right now we are planning on issuing it the beginning of December and issuing it after the first of the year,” Dahlquist said.

Dahlquist said the next time designs are presented they will be more formalized.

View the district’s presentation and the entire high school schematic design here.


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