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10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas You Should Check First

Renovating a bathroom is quite challenging, yet fun When it’s done carefully, your bathroom will turn into a yeay! But when it’s not, it will end up being a nay! In this video, I’ll share less than a dozen renovation ideas that you should check first before beginning the refurbishment because thorough plans can help you get the best bathroom with the best price

There we go, this is 10 Bathroom Renovation Ideas by simphomecom 10Sliding Barn Door If you have a tiny bathroom and you think that it is a real dead-end, think again! You can still make it as appealing as possible, even appear to be visually larger To begin with, you can replace your classic swinging door with a sliding door A sliding door is more efficient and practical than its counterpart – the swinging door – when it comes to a compact bathroom because it glides along the track rather than swinging open

Besides being space saving, it is also stylish It will make your small bathroom look either more elegant or rustic depending on the material you are going to use 9Marble Countertop A countertop plays a crucial role in every bathroom It is the spot that every homeowner always sees the most when they brush their teeth, shave off their beard, or even remove their make-up

Therefore, replacing an old countertop will be your next advice One of the best countertops that you can rely on is a marble countertop Comparing to a wooden countertop that is susceptible to water damage and a tile countertop that tends to trap gunk in its grout lines, marble countertop is way durable, clean, sleek, and long-lasting, not to mention the natural “vein” that will make your bathroom vanity look classy 8Add Copper Accents for More Stylish bathroom The industrial look of the steampunk style is exceptionally groovy

If you fancy this style, but don’t want to be too exaggerate, you can add some copper accents to your bathroom These two pendant lights are quite noticeable And thus, hanging them over the vanity can improve its look without overlapping the vanity To bring more harmony, you can also replace or simply repaint the cabinet pulls with copper finish 7

A Simple yet Attractive Powder Room Replace your old and bulky pedestal sink with a smaller and slimmer one to give a bit sized feeling just like this white sink hanging perfectly on the wall The sink leaves more space beneath it which makes the powder room feel less cramped Since you will also have to remove the countertop, you need to replace it with something smaller, yet functional just like this round table The tall and skinny leg enables you to have more space without having much trouble in putting your go-to hand soap or make-up remover on it You can also add a more personal touch by lying a classic rug on the floor

It helps you lend a bit nuance to the powder room You should try it! 6Recycling and saving Renovating a bathroom can be thrilling so it’s totally normal if you feel all hyped-up However, the problem lies in the budget

This renovating project should be making your bathroom look more invigorating, not burning a hole in your pocket Go find some old things around your home and recycle them and minimize your bathroom renovation budget This wooden vanity won't make you broke as it is made of some leftover It requires you to implement your carpentry skills, but the stunning result won’t let you down You can have a pretty vanity as well as salting away some money

5Color It Up! The most convenient and mainstream idea to eradicate your mundane bathroom is by changing the paint Even if you don’t buy a new vanity or install some new tiles, your bathroom will look fresher and more beautiful with the new color Besides, painting the wall with the color of your choice doesn’t require an advanced carpentry skill Everybody can do it well, and thus it won’t cost you a fortune

4The Power of covering Up Is your bathtub discoloring? You might think that you need to replace it soon and begin to stroll at a home improvement store to find a better one Don't be so rush! You can get the bathtub that you have always wanted for less than 30 bucks Repainting the bathtub is the key But how do we do that? Here are the steps

First, cut away old caulk using a putty knife Next, remove the drain cover Cover the wall, floor, and faucets using painter's tape and masking paper to protect them from the mess Scrub the tub with heavy-duty cleaner again After that, rinse it

Let it dry before beginning to scrub it using 150-grit sandpaper Now, you can begin painting the tub using acrylic latex spray Let the paint sit for about 6 hours before covering it with epoxy spray paint And lastly wait for at least 8 hours before using the bathtub 3

Consider Installing Prefabricated Shower and Tub Many people think that they should replace their old shower unit or bathtub for a better bath time If you think so, just do it! But if a tight budget is the real issue here, try getting a prefabricated shower unit rather than having a tiled one made Prefab shower unit is much cheaper than the tiled one The easy and fast installation also surpasses its counterparts, making it the best choice for those who want to do a bathroom makeover on a budget 2

Details Are Important Pay attention to every single detail is a must If you aren't likely to have a full tear-down due to the tight budget and limited time, you can solely change some small items such as the drawer pulls, faucet, handels, towel holders, and many others They are small, but indispensable And thus, they can make a huge impact despite the size Before we get to number 1, I suggest to press subscribe button above comment area if this channel is new to you, this way, you will get a new notification every time I published a new video

1Play with The Tiles The last, but not least, you can remove some tiles and replace them with some new ones with different colors The obvious contrast between the white, green, and blue tiles adds more accent to the wall, and it won't make you short on cash That's all the 10 bathroom renovation ideas that you should try I think they fit any bathroom type and size, and the most important thing is they fit any budget

I hope you find this video useful That’s it for now, Before you leave, I welcome you to use comment area if you have anything to say Press like button because you still let my voice fills your brain and see you again later with more video like this in the near future I hope See you soon next time and thanks for watching

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