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Whole House Remodel – Before And After With Tips For Your Home

Welcome back to Behind the Walls I'm Jason with JP Carducci, Inc

Today, we're in Fort Walton Beach, excited to bring you to one of our awesome kitchen remodels We're going to go over that detail pretty quick, and we're also doing kind of like a whole home update So, let's go over to the kitchen As you can see, she's got all white cabinets with a little island We're going to rip all this out

We're going to go back to a two-tone with some cool features that we can't wait to show you Speaking of whole house updates, we're going to scrape the ceilings, we're going to paint all the walls, we're going to go back with knockdown texture, we're going to get rid of this dated popcorn, and we're going to do some pretty cool large format tile that we can't wait to show you The owner here has gave us pretty much the design rights, so we're really excited to do this one So, now it's time to start moving some furniture and draping the walls All right, so we're wrapping up day one

It was a successful day, it was crazy day We got a lot done As you can see, the kitchen dining room area ceilings are scraped We got some flooring removed Most of the baseboard in the house is removed, and we actually got some texturing done, so follow me over here

The utility room has been scraped and re-textured, and ready for paint, along with the bathroom and this bedroom in here, and there's not a whole lot of light in here but maybe with new paint If you look, the texture's nice and even It's a medium texture, not too heavy, not too light, so you get that good look Next, we're going to be finishing up these ceilings, painting them, painting the walls, then we're going to start laying some tile All right, it looks like day four of five

I really don't know but we had a lot of stuff that's been done, and a lot still going on, so we're going to kind of walk you through it and give you some details, and show you some of these finishes we've been putting down As you can see, we've done some wood plank tiles, 8"x48", on a random bond line This is actually dry tile You can still see we've got some wet tile there with some T spacers, and as we go into the master closet, this has already been grouted, and we're currently putting down the four and a half inch baseboard, and it really just It looks awesome So, come on through You can see we got the walls painted, the ceiling's painted We did a little accent on the fireplace, but we'll get into that after we get all this furniture moved

We've gotten the upstairs prepped, ready for carpet We did something kind of cool this time We tiled the risers of the stairs with the floor tile, and then we're going to upholster wrap the treads with the carpet that's going to match upstairs Kind of give you a different look I think it's going to come out pretty nice

We got all the tile done through here We're finishing up this guest bedroom We've got the bathroom done one hundred percent, minus some accessories, and then again, like on our other project on the Santa Rosa Beach video, we took this out, we raised it up As you can see down here, we've got some legs We repainted the base, now it's at comfort height, easy on the back, it's updated, and didn't spend a lot of money doing it

We're going to add some hardware to match the other finishes, and it's going to give it a nice, clean, refreshed look We've got Kevin over here He's doing some grouting for us We went with a Delorean Gray grout This is the grout we use

This is Fusion Pro This is a single compound urethane grout It's stain resistant, water resistant, mold and mildew resistant This is the grout you want in your house If your floor guy is not giving this, you're wasting your money

That's just the bottom line It's easy, it's simple, it's forever This is the best I'm going to take a walk in here into the kitchen We've still got some tile going on in here

We've got Other Kevin, he's laying the tile in this kitchen, and that's going to be our cabinets, so we're going to go ahead and start ripping out these cabinets, and getting it ready for install All right, so we're back from our last couple days of wrapping this remodel up, and you can see we've got the cabinets out, and we're putting our new cabinets in We have Adam here with Home Interior Solutions, and his lead carpenter Jason, doing our install He's checking the level right now, making sure our tile work was good Adam is going to go over some details here and what we've got going on, and kind of bringing our speed on these cabinets and what he provides

Adam: Pretty much what we've got here, we've got Bridgewood cabinetry It's custom cabinet out of Kansas, a shoo in for the distressed look, along with the glazing, where the glazing really hangs up in the detail of the cabinet, and the distressed look give you the antique, and then with the island we went just straight espresso to match the glazing, which you'll see in the next episode It's pretty much standard layout, a few bump outs We're going to put in a large valance, really set it off for us Jason: All right, so as he mentioned, we're doing espresso island, so it's going to be two-toned, small little detail that's going to give it a lot of pop

Again, I always use Home Interior Solutions for our cabinets They're easy to work with, but as you can see Adam He's the manager of the company and he does all the design work, and he's here on the installs, so it's really nice dealing with one person, and you've got Jason, his lead guy, who's always on site and does some magic if we have any issues So, let's walk through and we'll give you an up to date on some things we got done We got all our carpet in

As you can see, we wrapped it and spaced it out with the tile It came out really nice We did a more of a tan carpet than a gray, because we really want to bring out the brown in the tile As you go upstairs, it looks really great The tile is done, we've got it grouted

We've got our baseboards on, so today we're really just focused on our punch list, our touch ups, and stuff like that We're moving some furniture around and just really getting this home back to where it's comfortable for the owner A couple of things we did She had some contact debris from when they built the house and tiled, but what we ended up doing, we ended up painting this matte black to kind of blend it, so it gave it a nice update look, and I kind of went out there with the electric blue accent wall to kind of bring the grays out, and give it more of a feminine look with the gray, it kind of gives it purple shine, so it really came out nice The owner seemed to like it, and we're almost done

So, the next time we see you we're going to be getting the granite in, it's going to be finalized, and we'll be wrapping this project up All right, so this is our last day We're doing all of our touch ups and our final punch list, and we've got our kitchen complete now, so let's take a peek at this I think you might enjoy it As I stated previously, we're going to do a two-tone combination in this kitchen, and as you can see this is what we came up with

We went with a higher end granite, which had a lot more character, a lot of color, which we wanted to bring in to this kitchen We did a very nice ogee edge Under mount stainless sink, and then we top it off with a very subtle back splash, but enough just to kind of bring that classy look together, and then we did a little chandelier for a sink light Thought it was a different look, and it has the colors of the granite so it really brings it together, and we did the all LED lighting throughout, which is also dimable, which is all operated on the wall All new appliances

Everything is stainless It just came together so it's really nice That's it This is our final day We're really excited how this project turned out from the kitchen, to the master bedroom, to the baths where we did that inexpensive update, which you can do yourself by raising the vanities, to the large format tile, to the ceilings, to the paint

Everything just came together It just flows, and it looks nice, and we're real excited We're looking forward to reading your comments, and I've got to go start another project

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