Wednesday, 3 March 2021

WBAB’s J.P. Reviews His Kitchen Remodel in Oakdale NY – Alure Home Improvements

Hey I'm JP from the morning show on WBAB and this is the new kitchen that Alure Home Improvements came in and did for me and could not be happier with it I was dreading the entire process I figured my wife and I would be divorced by the end the whole process from beginning to end was pro I mean I can't say anything else but pro from the design process to demo to everything being done on schedule it's a world of difference I mean it was horrible cause you had a wall going across here a wall going across here you couldn't see into the living room you couldnt talk to anyone in the living room conversations couldn't happen it feels like we tripled the space just by knocking down some small walls We couldn't have asked for a better experience and even better now everyone walks into my house and get the ooooh and the compliments and my wife is happy and I'm happy Everything is cool I heard nothing but great things about Alure I reached out I ended up speaking to Sal through some mutual friends and we told him what the budget was and he said John l'll make it happen and he made it happen

they all made it happen actually the first meeting with christina was here she came up with some initial ideas about she saw the whole thing thats the one thing I don't have the eye, she's like we can now all of a sudden my wife is going yeah yeah yeah and all i was seeing was dollar signs dollar signs dollar signs dollar signs we told her what we had to work with and they were able to stay with it and we got a beautiful kitchen for what our budget was

from the very beginning of the process we were handed a schedule and when I tell you like clockwork it was like on this day electrical is coming on this day plumbing is coming on this day we are doing demo so on and so forth everything was done on time There were no we got lucky there were no unexpected things behind the walls when they did the demo so we got lucky there but as far as the entire process does for a home renovation where the whole middle of your life is being torn down and rebuilt back up and we had walls knocked down everywhere so thank you a big thank you to Sal and everybody at Alure Home Improvements for a job well done

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