Sunday, 1 November 2020

Virginia Beach Play Room Addition – Techanchuk Home Remodel

Hey, my name is Nicole Techanchuk and we're just showing you our new home We're really excited

It's been a long journey and we're just on day one So we're going to tell you what's going on a little bit Right now the painters are in here freshening up everything and making it much brighter and getting rid of some of these old colors So we've got the girls with us today So we're going to walk and show you a little bit

So we're going to lead you around here This is soon going to be my office So I'm excited for that And over in this back area we're going to have my mother-in-law's apartment So we're really looking forward to this addition

It's going to be in the next phase which is to come in a few weeks So behind the plastic curtains we have a ceiling going in for what's going to be the girls' play room This was a grand, a great room and so we're just going to drop in a ceiling We're really excited for that addition So I mean day one a lot is happening Painters are busy the guys are busy in there and it's going really good great progress on day one so we're really really excited Thanks! So I'll John McGrath

I'm with Alpha Electric Service Company We are wiring upstairs to the Techanchuk job Actually we're cutting in all work boxes around the side so we do not damage the walls so we can get their receptacle outlet up to code And then we're going to get them some switches for a couple of ceiling fans and the recessed lighting Now we're below the upstairs addition

We got open ceiling so already go ahead and put some recessed lighting in the for the Techanchuks in here and a center bracket for a ceiling fan, den light or chandelier or whatever she likes We're going to use the existing switches that're already here to switch those lights Alright this John with Alpha Electric again We just had the electrical inspection and the framing inspector come through and both of them passed No issues

What'd you say? We're on to the next phase I can't believe it! Phase 2! My name is Bill Techanchuk and this is the Techanchuk house and we're just we're excited to be here Excited to be moving into this place and just be able to do all this work with Glen and his team and it's just been a lot of fun

I mean we've got all types of things going on in this house to get us ready and we hope this is our last renovation and our best renovation but we've been pleased so far and it's been really exciting to see it So I guess we'll kind of look around and see what we've gotten done This used to be a two-story living room all the way up about 20 feet up There was a lot of waste of space So we needed a playroom for our girls

You can hear in the background So that we have a place for them to play and just kind of run around So we asked Glen and his team if they could put in a ceiling like this and still kind of give us that separation and in about a matter of three days here we are I mean it's incredible We've got can lighting going in, a major light fixture in the middle

We've got ready to mount our TV over the fireplace New electrical work has gone in here and upstairs is a whole new playroom and it's it's pretty exciting I mean we never thought we could do something like this but he's made it possible so it's been a lot of fun It's fun My wife and I we love this kind of stuff and just like love watching on TV and now we're like doing our own thing

So it's a lot it's really cool Let's go on upstairs

We'll see what the what the playroom looks like now It's pretty exciting to see after three days of just air all of a sudden we've got a whole new room up here So this is now the new playroom and this used to be the upper windows of that two-story living room and all of a sudden we've created all this new square footage in the house and we've got a definite really cool place for the girls to play in and have a lot of fun I mean this is this is great because not only now do we have all the bedrooms that we need but they have a dedicated place now where they can play We can put their toys in here, a little TV for games and stuff like that and when we have friends over and all their kids come over they can all just hang out up here or outside if the weather is nice but it's a lot of fun

I mean we're just excited to have this We've never had something like this before but yeah this is this was like all in a matter of three days So I think next week they're going to come and finish everything off we're going to get new carpeting and flooring up here with the team and it's going to be a finished product It's going to look really good

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