Friday, 26 February 2021

Upgrade Your Home with Builders FirstSource

(Energetic theme music) – [Voiceover] As homeowners and parents of a seven year old boy, Dan and Molly Forestner appreciate what their home in Harmony, Florida provides them in both their working and personal lives Dan works in the building industry and Molly is a virtual school teacher

– My home is really important to me I spend most of my time here being a virtual school teacher I work out of my home office and then, of course, I raise my son here, Daniel – Hi – And then soon to be another son, so it's really important to for us to keep it up to date so I have a good working environment and a home environment for my family

– [Voiceover] Molly and Dan had struggled for years to expand their family, but now they have succeeded And that means they need to make their home baby-friendly for a family of four – I'm having a brother and I'm super excited – This was previously our guest room and now it's going to be the nursery so we're really excited to add some personal touches to it – Yeah, we're going to be installing some crown molding, we're going to change the hollow core doors over the solid core doors so it'll keep this room a little quieter for the baby

(Gentle pop music) – [Voiceover] Molly and Dan's concern for upgrading their home is every young parents' need And they found everything they need to do it at their local Builders FirstSource – Many homeowners want to upgrade their home to add some personal style as well as add some extra value to the home And you can do that by upgrading your interior doors and adding some more work features Builders FirstSource has share rooms where customers like Dan and Molly can come in and have a hands-on experience in choosing those products

And with there being so many more work selections, we have experienced sales associates that will help them pick the products they need for the project they have – [Voiceover] For Molly and Dan, this is an opportunity to choose the right quiet door for baby, and the right color and shapes for moldings and decor With additional approval from son, Daniel, of course – Yeah, we're looking at this one here Do you like it? – Uh-huh

(Rock music) – [Voiceover] Builders FirstSource is a Fortune 500 company with over 400 locations in 40 states and Alaska That means a wide range of interior trim options and upgrade building products from a large company But also the personalized attention at the local level to help customers like Dan and Molly in the actual installation of interior trim products in their home – We're going to replace that door, that door, that door (Construction noises) – Our goal is to offer a solid value to the customer with potential design and installation services

We have professional installers and project managers that give you that personalized service to make sure that your job is done correctly and to your satisfaction Dan and Molly have chosen to upgrade their doors to a solid core interior door to help withstand transmission So while Daniel's in another room playing, Molly can have that quiet quality time with the new baby The family has chosen to add some more work features like crown molding and wainscoting to give that nursery their personal touch We understand the challenges of choosing the right products for the right job

And no matter the size of your project, big or small, we want everyone to know that Builders FirstSource is your first source for your building needs (Construction noises) (Soft happy music) – [Voiceover] With remodeling upgrades completed in a variety of interior trim options installed throughout the home, Dan and Molly are finally ready for that new addition to the family and they couldn't be more happy – Door's solid just like you asked for, what do you think? – It looks great, exactly what we wanted – Thank you, sir – Thank you

– Thank you very much – [Voiceover] To learn more about Builders FirstSource and its complete line of interior trim options, go to their website BLDRcom, or go to designingspacestv to see this portion of the show again – [Voiceover] Coming up, propane is widely known for gas grills and summer barbecues

But it can really offer so much more for the entire home Later, urban greenhouses that let you harvest all year long (Energetic theme music)

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