Thursday, 26 November 2020

Sunroom Renovation & Exterior Remodel – Mazzarella Testimonial, Virginia Beach

Hi my name is Rob and we recently had a renovation at my house done by Regal Renovations We had a very positive experience with them we got a lot of work done

For what I believe is a very fair price Glen and his team are very professional through the whole thing We were able to get a lot of work done here in this old house which we lived in for about two years and we purchased it and had some very need for some overhaul and one was the sunroom I'm sitting in We just finished eating dinner here and it's a great room here in Virginia able to use it pretty much all year-round screened-in keep the bugs out In addition to that we have a new roof put on about five windows replaced and the front porch put on the front of the house

So it will change the look at the house Give it some great curb appeal Overall a very positive experience working with Glen and his team at Regal Renovations Before Regal Renovations did the work there was an existing sunroom here: heavy glass on all sides, doors didn't work, bug infestation and maybe about a third the size of this room So it really needed replacement

And Glen, we were able to work with him and come up with a design that was going to pretty much quadruple the size of the room and different options to where they make it off all season room with real wall but we want to stay with the screened-in So he's very willing to customize and work with the customer which I really appreciate I was actually able to save some money by doing some of the work myself prior to him coming in So he was very willing to to work with you on an individual basis

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