Friday, 26 February 2021

Should I Remodel or Just Sell House | Naperville Remodeling Contractors

Remodeling – Should I remodel my bathroom or kitchen or just move? Welcome to Burning Questions I’m Mark

And that is your Burning Question for today [ music ] I talk a lot with my customers and most of them have been in their homes 20 – 25 years and they're considering thinking about moving or they are thinking about remodeling their home But they don’t know which one is a better choice I'd like to point out a few things that give reasons to remodel instead of moving One of the main reasons to stay is that you like the area that you already live in, you've developed relationships and you know where everything is at like shopping, the movie theater, and your church

Other things to think about are the cost of moving, the aggravation of the physical moving, de-cluttering your home, freshening up areas that got neglected over the years and then spending generally a couple of months trying to sell your existing home Your home is like a friend that you've known for 25 years So why go through the hassle of moving & having to remodel the new home Stay with your well-acquainted home, and remodel the rooms to fit your new lifestyle I'm a big believer if you're going to stay and remodel your home, I think it makes sense to have a detailed plan in place then methodically and diligently move forward on your project

This makes the remodeling process run seamless Thanks again for joining us Send in your Burning Questions and I will put them out

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