Friday, 30 October 2020

She Paid Cash for a Home Remodel – #SheWorksHardSavingMoney

– Alright, it's the best part of the show, my fav, #SheWorksHardSavingMoney FrugalFreeGal, great name, says that, "We paid cash for a pop-up camper last year

We already have taken it out several times as a family in Washington" Love it Angela said, "Took down two walls Hardwood floors installed through the whole house, stoned the fireplace, and stained the cabinets" Amazing

And, "We cash flowed it all with no debt" Way to go, Angela gobudgetgirl, hmm, I like that name, too, said, "Little patio haven Under $100, made possible because I'm debt-free I plan to do yoga and drink a lot of coffee out there

" Kelly said, "Over $4,000 to replace this stained and gross carpet that we hated and lived with for four and a half years" Gross and stained carpet, had to live with Yeah, we're all feelin' ya, so I'm so happy that you have new and clean carpet, amazing You guys, what's so fun is all these came from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so remember, you can use all those channels and take a picture, tweet it out, whatever it is, and use the hashtag #SheWorksHardSavingMoney That's my favorite thing in the world

#SheWorksHardSavingMoney It's so fun because we want to celebrate with you guys

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