Friday, 26 February 2021

Sell My House As-Is Near Dallas: Grapevine, TX Home Renovation Before & After

Our job is to create a clean slate for someone to come in and enjoy their future home We don't try to design things like we're going to live there

So, I wanted to show you one that we took down to the studs We completely removed a lot of walls Here's a perfect example of what the property looked like on the left Obviously on the left is before, not after And you'll see that this is exactly what Dwight and I drove up to as soon as we were there to meet the seller

He was a very nice gentleman He had just gotten divorced nine months ago and just wanted to start over And what's awesome and you're going to see here in a minute, is that it backs up to a greenbelt A greenbelt is just kind of some woods and forests behind there but what you don't know is that if you go about half a mile into the woods behind is that it backs up to Lake Grapevine which is an awesome location As you can see, we did a complete exterior remodel

New garage doors, new front door New windows The roof is original The roof is in really good condition And we painted the outside

So, Dwight's one of our very good listing agents and we always tell people, there are multiple steps And the first step is when you see the house, you have to want to go inside So, if it doesn't look on the outside, then they’re never going to see what the inside looks like So we try to make the outside as nice as possible On the left side, you'll see a bunch of weeds in the yard

That's not grass Those are weeds So, we got rid of those and actually put grass So that's a very nice picture Here's the backyard

As you can see, we put a new deck down That's all flagstone and crushed granite that it kind of walks back to a nice lawn area And as you can see, all the greenery back there is where the greenbelt is Here is another picture of the back of the house, looking forward As you can see on the picture on the left, you see two French doors there, one on the left and one kind of straight ahead

The one on the left went to the master bedroom, and we took that out because it became part of the master closet As you can see, we put brand new siding You would never know that it's not there And we put some nice slate there on the ground, brand new grass at the back, and fixed the fence as well And here's a picture of what the property looked like on the left before and again on the right

As you can see, the property just turned out absolutely beautiful Last quick story, my GC called me, and he said, "Brandon, I can't find this siding anywhere this house was I think built in the mid-80’s So we had to reside the entire exterior of the property Now many times, a lot of investors, when they get news like that, they just match it as close as you possibly can Unfortunately, that wouldn't look the best

So we resided the entire exterior of the house That's also brand new air-conditioning that we put in And as you can see, we changed the windows in the house as well So, just kind of a recap, we painted the exterior, full landscape, new grass, new siding, and complete gut of the entire house on the inside for 85,000 dollars This was a great example and a great product that the Simple House Team put out Hope you guys like it!

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