Friday, 26 February 2021

Renovation Disasters with Used Homes

I'm here with Jason and Brenda, and you guys are right in the middle of what's turning out to be a bigger remodel than you thought We're right in the middle of something, I'll tell you that

So what's going on? What happened? Well, we thought when we bought the house that it would be pretty much, throw some paint on the walls, do new floor covering, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances The fun stuff Right Cosmetic stuff Stuff to get the wife exited

All of that [laughter] Unfortunately, it's turned into something completely different She doesn't look too excited Nightmare So what happened? Well, when the painters came in, we had to tear out some sheet rock because it was warped and everything and unfortunately, we discovered a lot more than what we originally thought

Right Opened up a whole can of worms, huh? One of the first things that we found out was that the house is infested with termites Don't know yet the extend of the damage or how much it's gonna cost And that's not to mention the cockroach infestation Cockroach infest

Everywhere, so gross Who doesn't love cockroaches? Disgusting It's exactly what you want

You buy a house to put all new stuff in and your wife finds a cockroach infestation Gross But all of that is dwarfed by the other thing that we found which was aluminum wire

Yeah, yeah Well, unfortunately this happens all the time with used homes and you just don't know what you're gonna get It's stinks to see, it's frustrating to see you got termite damage right here You literally have termites eating the structure of the house So not only do you have to replace structure, tear down more walls, you don't know where else it's at in the house

And then you're gotta have chemicals sprayed in here That's not good for anybody And then aluminum wiring, we're not even allowed to use aluminum wiring anymore here, because aluminum expands 33% more than copper does, so you have literally hundreds of these little connections around the house with outlet plugs, switches and that expansion causes the wires to loose, that's a fire hazard, burns down tons of houses each year and you guys have a family We have five kids We're gonna have to pull all the wiring out and completely redo the electrical in the house

So the majority of your budget was gonna go towards stainless steel appliances and back splashes and now it's all the ugly stuff That alone will exceed the budget And that was a surprise And you guys had other surprises Wait till you see the bathroom

Let's go take a look [music] Goodness You don't have to be a home inspector to know that this isn't good, this is definitely not up to code How does this even happen? Well, like any old house this bathroom was way too small, so we decided to enlarge it and take the closet out and move the toilet While in the process of that, we discovered that originally the floor joist was totally cut [chuckle] and so because of that, the bathtub is sinking and there's just a whole other set of problems and another nightmare

You look thrilled Just been insane It's been one thing after the other It's just been insane Nobody wants a bathtub in their kitchen

No 'Cause you fill this thing up right now, it's probably gonna fall through the ceiling and that's something that you have to be aware of when you're buying a used home compared to a new home With a new home, there's phase inspections You know the builder, you know the superintendent, you're getting to see it go up from the inside out, so you know everything's good With a used home, you're kinda buying it from the outside in

Everything's covered up already and you don't know where the plumbing leaks, is there mold down there? Did some crazy contractor or home owner decide to just cut through a floor joist underneath the bathtub to make a drain fit when he could have just rerouted it right here You just don't know and that's a risk that you're taking Let's go downstairs and talk about it Okay Okay, guys, check this out

I was walking downstairs and I noticed this This is the air return, this is the air supply to the whole entire house and I don't know if these previous owners were boarding dogs here They probably had 10 dogs here or something, look at this, this is disgusting

Not only is it hurting the air quality, this is gonna pass over the coils in the air handler, so you're gonna ruin the AC system and then you're gonna hurt energy efficiency but these poor people are gonna be living with somebody else's dog hair probably forever because this stuff is gonna be nearly impossible to get out I like the furniture, guys Thanks So you guys got yourself in a bit of a situation Yeah, it's been a lot more than we bargained for

You come into this and you're excited and you're together and you think about picking out lighting and plumbing fixtures and faucets and fun stuff like that and the reality of it is that you end up dealing with termite damage and cockroach infestations The fun stuff The fun surprises Well, I'm a licensed home inspector not a licensed therapist, but it's stressful, right? How're you guys holding up? How's the relationship? We're still married, [laughter] that's a good thing But it's been really stressful

Basically our lives are on hold, no date nights and spending all of our money on the house It's been very tough A lot of people don't realize the reality of doing a remodel There's so much that goes into it If you're out there and you're thinking about buying a home, consider the whole package

With a used home, you don't know who was living here before or before them or before them Who was working on the house? And there's so many things behind walls that you can't see, under floors that you can't see And with a new home you know exactly what you're getting into So save your time, save your money, possibly save your marriage [chuckle] So start fresh and buy new

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