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Washington State Kitchen and Bath Recommends Remodeling to Suit Cooking Habits

Washington State Kitchen and Bath, specializing in Seattle home renovations, encourages consumers to consider their cooking habits when upgrading their kitchen.

Washington State Kitchen and Bath specializes in home renovations and new constructions in Western Washington State.  The company is encouraging its patrons to remodel their kitchens with an eye to their cooking styles and habits for maximum convenience and functionality.

As society has become more technology-centric, companies have taken advantage of this trend to create state-of-the-art kitchen appliances to aid people in the kitchen. Additionally, magazines and TV programs show off the latest innovations that represent the most glamorous products homeowners can buy for their kitchens. However, these trends may not be sensible or functional for a kitchen, depending on how the kitchen is being used.

Remodeling experts at Washington State Kitchen and Bath, a fully-licensed contractor in the greater Seattle area, encourage homeowners looking to remodel to consider their needs and cooking habits before spending money on features that they won’t use. Since remodeling a kitchen can be a costly endeavor, it’s vital that homeowners focus on functionality, rather than keeping up with the latest and greatest trends.

“When remodeling a kitchen, people should really consider what kind of cook they are,” said Erin Belmore, Washington State Kitchen and Bath founder. “If they cook with their spouse or children, they should plan for a bigger work area to accommodate multiple people running around the kitchen. If they are a confident cook and want to entertain while making the meal, they should design their kitchen to have extra space for guests. And if they are a techy cook who loves to use the latest home technologies, they should include cutting-edge appliances.”

Belmore explained that many people over-spend on the wrong bells and whistles if they aren’t smart in the planning stages.

“If people don’t know how they want to use their kitchen, they run the risk of spending a lot of money on a renovation that doesn’t meet their needs,” said Belmore. “It’s essential to have that vision during the planning stages.”

For homeowners planning on renovating a kitchen, it’s also important to have the assistance of a qualified contractor. Washington State Kitchen and Bath provides quality construction services for home remodeling, additions, and new constructions.

For more information about Washington State Kitchen and Bath and their remodeling services, visit www.WashingtonStateKitchenBath.com or call 1-800-935-5524.

About Washington State Kitchen and Bath

Having been in business since 2003, Washington State Kitchen and Bath provides quality construction services for remodels, additions, restoration and new construction. They specialize in quality, dependable services from design through completion and have helped thousands of customers turn their home remodel dreams into reality.

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