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Advance Design Studio helps a local family create the cooking space of their dreams.

When Hassan and Baneen Baqar decided it was time to update their family kitchen, they wanted a practical design that could stand the test of time. So they called Advance Design Studio and met a designer that could make their kitchen dreams come true.

“There was an instant connection between us,” says Project Designer Claudia Pop. “From our very first meeting, I was excited for the opportunity to design the space and help with the process, and I knew that Advance Design would be a great fit.”

With a large lot and a picturesque backyard, Pop worked hard to preserve the views while creating a cook space that the family had always wanted. Existing large windows by the sink were kept intact and a brick accent wall was added to draw the eye to the backyard.

“My role as designer was to create a space that reflected their needs and vision by educating them on the many choices that are available, and guiding them through the hundreds of decisions and details that a project of this size requires, ” she explains. “I like to take the stress off the homeowner and make the process fun and enjoyable while providing the best value.”

A banker by trade, Hassan was pleased to see the return on his investment.

“From the beginning of the process we knew that functionality was a top priority. The clients love to entertain and Baneen is a great cook,” Pop adds. “We spent dedicated time going over each cabinet, deciding what would be stored where. We took advantage of every inch, by using specialty cabinetry, like toe kick drawers, spice racks, and mixer lift cabinets.”

Her favorite aspect as a designer is knowing the positive impact the project had on the family’s life.

“From a design perspective, I love the striking custom blue island and the refrigerator configuration,” she says. “We had a lot of fun selecting that perfect shade.”

Overcoming challenges is one of the things the team at Advance Design Studio does best. For example, pipes were reworked and covered with a soffit so you wouldn’t even know they’re there. Another one of those quandaries was what to do with the hood. Because of the size of the range and the extensive cooking that would take place, it was important that the hood functioned from a technical perspective.

“The answer was a custom cabinetry hood with a very powerful Wolf blower, that is not only stunning but also functional,” says Pop. “In the end, the success of this project is a true reflection of our Common Sense Remodeling process and a great collaboration between the client and the team at Advance Design Studio.”

Hassan and Baneen say they could not be more pleased with the result.

“Advance Design was a pleasure to work with. I had a very specific idea of what my kitchen needed to be functionally and aesthetically what it needed to look like,” says Baneen. “In my head, I had been planning a kitchen for the last decade. Claudia was phenomenal in guiding us and helping us make the right choices.”

For more information about Advance Design Studio, visit advancedesignstudio.com.

Source: https://jwcdaily.com/countrymag/2018/09/01/dream-kitchen/

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