Friday, 15 January 2021

Remodeling a Home for a Wedding – HGTV

NARRATOR: Home Diaries– every house has a story We're the Tanseys

And we got married at our house We were engaged, and we decided to get married, and we start looking for wedding venues The price tag to rent one of them was, you know, a few thousand bucks for the day We love old houses– something that's got character and a story to tell Our house is a real special house

It was built in 1903 And we thought, well, for as much money as it costs to rent a venue, we could just take that money and just, like, do a renovation at our house The house wasn't quite ready for the wedding We really needed to fill in our grass on the side yard Getting rooms painted, getting everything restaged so that it was the best flow

So this is our deck, and we had this put in for the wedding And we also had landscaping done as well The whole place was just a crazy mudpit with broken-up concrete back here All of the projects came down to the wire The landscaping team– they're laying down the grass, and then the deck people are trying to lay down the second stair right here

And there was like, just a big old debris pile right over there Everyone was fighting, and it was horrible And I was crying, and it was my wedding [music playing] [glass shattering] [cheering] It ended up making for a really great wedding And at the end, it made all that work worthwhile

Every little last picture we hung up Everything, you know, little detail that we worked on We were really just about at 100% on the house And then– A couple months later– [sirens wailing] We had an electrical fire in the attic It's 3 o'clock in the morning, we're standing outside the house, and I'm watching all of these firefighters

Just seeing all my things just get broken And the yard had just been done for the wedding To see our hard work just literally in flames was really overwhelming We hate the idea of giving up Of, you know, taking the heritage of a house that was built in 1903 and just scrapping that

We just knew we had a good opportunity to rebuild parts of the house a little bit better We always wanted to vault the ceilings just so that it seemed bigger up here And we added the skylights in the bathroom Our house now is just better than ever I mean, better than it was for the wedding, better than it was before the fire

It's gorgeous A lot of people never get to go back to the place where they got married, but we live here It's our home It's something we're both extremely proud And it's pretty great

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