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Smart Design With Suzette: How To Save Money On Bathroom Remodels

A before and after shot of a renovated bathroom. Courtesy image By SUZETTE FOX
Los Alamos

As some of you may know, besides having my design business, I have become a Realtor. I am working with Paula Glover on her team at Re/Max First of Los Alamos. I feel it’s a perfect compliment to design – to help buyers imagine what a home could be to reflect their needs and desires – to help see the potential.

With that being said, many buyers are shocked at the condition of some of our homes here. However, homebuyers and homeowners should stay open-minded about remodeling. It’s not scary, scores of homeowners tackle projects designed to make their homes more attractive and energy efficient.

One area of focus is the bathroom. Homeowners typically look to score savings by installing low-flow plumbing, LED lighting and improved ventilation. But achieving positive energy upgrades can be expensive.

Bathroom renovations and remodeling are not cheap by any means; this is why it is important that you’ve set a budget during the planning stage of the project. While most fixtures can be expensive – especially those that are of the highest quality, it is important to shop wisely, be resourceful and creative. Here are some tips on how you can make sure you won’t go over budget for your bathroom-remodeling project.

Have a Plan Before You Start
Once you have a good idea of what you’d like your bathroom to look like, the next stage is putting everything in place and making sure you calculate your costs. This stage also involves choosing the bathroom contractor you would want to work with. Make sure your bathroom designer/remodeler is extremely detailed because a bathroom is smaller in scale, which extremely affects the layout and design of the room

Choose a Reliable Contractor
Choosing a reputable and competent contractor can draw the line between having a beautiful and functional new bathroom and getting back to where you started – a bathroom that needs some extra love. Ask for referrals, check out their portfolio and make sure you have a good rapport. This stage also requires the homeowners and their contractor to draft out the bathroom remodel timeline.

To determine the time frame of your bathroom-remodeling project, you have to consider a number of factors, including:
Design: Sometimes the design of the new bathroom seriously takes its toll on the timeline. If the design is far from the original set up, then of course, it will take longer compared to just updating everything.
Size of the bathroom: Obviously, the bigger the bathroom is, the longer it will take to complete a remodeling job.
Availability of resources: Are the fixtures readily available? Are the contractors doing the job 24/7? What about smaller details such as paint?

Keep Plumbing Where It Is
One of the most significant factors that contribute to your remodeling’s expensive price tag is moving plumbing – subsequently needing to re-pipe. Using the existing piping will save you big bucks.

Hunt for Quality Lighting
Builder grade lighting is one of the first things many people want to change in a bathroom renovation, and with good cause. The fixtures rarely hold much aesthetic appeal. Adding lots of light to a bathroom is one of the most valuable changes a homeowner can make, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Shop sales at lighting and home improvement stores, and if your bathroom has easy roof access, consider bringing the outdoors in with a budget skylight.

Spice Up With Paint
Over time, moisture, scratches and dings add up and start to take their toll. A quick paint job may be all that your bathroom needs. Painting your walls and even an old vanity can refresh your room.Renovations are not easy, but don’t be afraid of them. If you follow these tips you can be prepared and even get excited about it.

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Renovations are not scary. In fact, many homeowners tackle home improvement projects. Courtesy image Keeping plumbing where it is, putting on a new coat of paint and having a plan before starting a renovation are all good ideas to follow when doing a bath remodel. Courtesy imageSource:

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