Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Living through a kitchen remodel

My wife Aggie and I have been without a kitchen for a couple of weeks. It’s of our own doing, as we decided to remodel and update our existing kitchen and dining area. We’ve taken out walls, raised the kitchen ceiling, and done all those things that go along with a project of this scope. There is new paint, new flooring, new cabinetry and new appliances. We also are remodeling a half-bathroom, thus leaving us with one bathroom. Since that bathroom is our only water source right now, it doubles as our kitchen sink until the project is complete. Preparing food for cooking and doing dishes in the bathroom makes me feel like I’ve fallen smack-dab into the middle of an episode of “Seinfeld.”

The contractors doing the work have all been great to work with. Everyone has shown up when they said they would. They’ve offered advice and helpful suggestions along the way. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There have been a few challenges along the way. As I mentioned, we are getting new appliances. Our old appliances left the house before the start of the project. My son, Ryan, asked for our refrigerator, so I delivered it to him in Cedar Rapids the day it left our kitchen. We have an extra fridge downstairs, so we are covered. Unfortunately, since I was in an appliance-giving mood, I let our microwave go to someone who needed one. I forgot that we needed one to warm up food. We went most of the first two weeks with no way to warm up leftovers. Fortunately, a neighbor had an extra microwave and gave it to us to use until our new one is in place. Leftovers have never tasted so good warmed up.

We planned to use our grill a lot since we didn’t have a stove. Unfortunately, the first 10 days of this project saw the Iowa rainy season hit, and it’s not very much fun to grill in the rain. On the positive side, we helped circulate money in the area economy by ordering out several nights.

With the kitchen and dining room tore up, everything that was in those rooms is now in the north side of our home. What used to be my daughter Eileen’s bedroom is currently storage for kitchenware, while tables, chairs and hutches may be found in our living room. This has created a couple new sports of sorts in our home. One is called “now where did I put that?” while the other is called “reach for the kitchen item you need without pulling a muscle or impaling yourself.” Neither of us has done so well in the memory game, but so far Aggie and I are on a hot streak in the reaching game, with a 100 percent success rate. There was a close call when I almost fell reaching for some Tupperware, but I caught myself on a box of cleaning supplies and remained upright. I admit, however, that I may be creating some new yoga poses. I might call them something like “downward-facing cutting knife” or “sideways-reach-to-adjust-the-air-conditioning-temperature-on-one-foot.” That air conditioning pose is rather tricky, requiring adequate stretching before attempting it. I just keep reminding myself that yoga is supposed to be good for a person.

Like I said, the light at the end of the tunnel is within view. Before we know it, Aggie and I will be enjoying our new space. It will make a nice area to entertain family and friends.

However, I am going to have to find a way to continue the yoga poses. I think I’m more flexible and I’m sleeping better.

Source: http://www.dyersvillecommercial.com/opinion/living-through-a-kitchen-remodel/article_0a238ca2-e420-5d87-b2e9-97371d58a032.html

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