Sunday, 25 October 2020

Power’s Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Summit

(upbeat banjo music) – Welcome to our first ever Diversity and Inclusion Summit We have done our best to create the most diverse group we could possibly be

We are all gonna be one thing and singularly focused We are here as a group to create positive change Power is a people-first company that values the uniqueness of every individual within our walls We foster a safe community in which the mixing of cultures, beliefs and backgrounds is important and supported We believe that what makes each of us different makes the whole stronger

At Power we have created an environment of shared knowledge and experiences where everyone is afforded the opportunity to succeed and grow based on the merit of their hard work and results – I think it's also that people from so many different diverse backgrounds, all different territories, all coming together We just think of the ways we can actually build and do things better even here at Power – This conference is about a diverse organization becoming a more inclusive place It's about how do you attract people because they feel this is a place that they can thrive

– I've been here a year and a half now, and now I'm gonna be the next RVP of our Austin office – Identifies an Arab Muslim The para culture is more than accepting and conducive of the relation and the faith Nobody at Power questioned me in the way I was questioned in the years prior – Coming to Power, it didn't matter that I was Hispanic

My work ethic and who I am as a person, the character, is what really mattered – I am someone who came out fairly recently Being a part of something of this magnitude is exciting I came out to my coworkers before I did my friends and family Now, a proud and confident gay woman was able to come out on a Friday and then walk in on Monday like nothing had changed

– When I first got to this conference, I felt like Power was an incredible job of working with all walks of life, but after the conversations, I realized that we have so much more to do What's most exciting is heading back to my territory to inspire that change – No matter what color you are, what your preference is as far as sexuality, we're all a family I got your back You know I mean I'm here to look after you, I'm here to help you grow

– Being able to be out in your workplace is, I think, something that straight people take for granted It's been a blessing It's like the first time in my life where I've been happy So thank you guys (crowd applauds) – I want to thank you on behalf of the hundreds and thousands of people that don't work for Power today, but will in the upcoming years that are gonna have worked in a better, more inclusive environment because of what you've created

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