Friday, 23 October 2020

Power Leadership – Orlando 2017

(upbeat instrumental music) – We're in this unbelievable hotel at Orlando It's amazing weather outside

It's Power so everything's over the top You're learning how to be the best version of yourself and really perfect the craft that makes everything you do that much better – Welcome, everybody The goal for this weekend is every minute and every hour that we move forward that you are living more and more in the moment – The whole idea of your leadership conferences is to push you to become a better version of yourself, not just as a marketer or a sales consultant, but just whole life success

– Can we make some noise for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar please? (audience cheering) – Seeing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is just unreal These are things that I never imagined I would ever be able to do in my lifetime – The whole thing about the team being more important than the individual was how I lived my life – He wanted to make sure that everyone understood that the MVP, the superstar, wasn't the player But the superstar was the team itself

– It's a little bit unnatural to truly and genuinely care about somebody else's success This is Power's X-Factor and is one of the things the organization at Power does better than anywhere else on earth – To grow as a leader here, you really have to realize that the more you help others around you the more that you grow – Everything that we do inside Power, it's all about sacrificing personal gain for the welfare of others (upbeat music) – The exercise with writing the letter to your former self was something that I thought was really, really cool

I basically focused on, you know when I was young, all the things that you went through, the aggressiveness and like that competitiveness that you used to use negatively, you're now using to teach and help others This made you who you are today and like, thank you – I don't take much time to reflect, especially when you're young and you're building your career you're just like every day go, go, go A lot of times you don't even realize all the things that you've overcome – And those things seem pretty good, but your life is going to change for the better forever

You're going to get an opportunity to change trajectory of your career and your life Don't be afraid Grab it – If we're gonna be committed to this leadership journey, I want to get real and say get real with yourself And if you're not addressing those little micro-mental pain points in your life, you'll never become the person you want to be

– It's always amazing to me what Power does invest their money in They invest it in their people Not only is it just really cool to be here, but it just makes me want to be here again – This is what you dream of when you're a little kid, renting a place like this out and staring up at all these super heroes and believing in all of it and dreaming – Seeing all these fictional characters come to life, I felt like a child

It was crazy It was insane – It's my first time ever at Universal Studios As soon as I saw the lights go on, I literally ran– – Like a child – Like the day was ending

– They show you that literally there is no dream that is impossible (upbeat instrumental music)

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