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Luxury Hybrids, Insulating Your Attic & Remodeling an Equestrian Center

[Music] On today's show Want to go green and make your neighbors green with envy? Hop in and check out the latest line of luxury hybrids from Lexus

Plus find out how to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space with Greenfiber insulation And it's DIY and don't get caught with your pants Here's a great way to avoid septic tank backups through proper maintenance with Eco Now solutions [Music] Lexus has a bold vision for the future and has always looked beyond what's on the road to lead the charge towards energizing innovations into alternative fuels Today we're gonna learn all about their hybrid line of vehicles and to tell me all about it is Lexus product specialist Lisa Parke

Lisa good to see you Hi Debi, thanks so much for having me And thank you for bringing all these amazing vehicles here today It's my pleasure So Lexus introduced the first luxury hybrid over ten years ago

So what was behind Lexus's vision then? Our vision was to be an everyday luxury vehicle that was energy efficient that was what drove us from the beginning and it's what drives us now You know I think a common misconception with hybrid vehicles is that they have to be plugged in and that they're gonna run out of energy so how does Lexus address that? Our hybrid system charges through regenerative braking So it actually captures the energy that would have been lost during braking So our hybrids are always charged, they're always ready and there's no need for a plug So which one is this this is? This is the Lexus RX 450HL

So new for 2018 is going to be the third row option So now up to six passengers in the hybrid Umm That new car smell They were right when they said luxury no it's actually on already I know it's very quiet

It's so quiet when you start up a hybrid vehicle if you're not aware, it actually starts using the electronic battery Sounds like it was off, yeah You here the combustion engine engaged shortly after This is a 35 liter v6 engine, giving you a combined system horsepower of 308

And it's nice to hear that about an SUV because some people think, oh it doesn't have that get up and go but you're saying it does It does So you get the power and a luxury in one car So this is our number one selling sedan, it's the ES 300H It has the best rear seat legroom in its class and it averages 40 miles per gallon

Wow! Okay but what we're really here to talk about today is the 2018 Lexus LS 500H This is our flagship sedan It's been redesigned completely from the ground up Oh wow, look at the size So the first thing I noticed, this is beautiful

It's actually one in iZON design award So right here is a pleated fabric, it's actually inspired by origami So this is what won the iZON design award for best interior Now here we have a 12-point three inch navigation screen it's huge

It's just like having a little mini computer in here So this is a 35 liter v6 with hybrid powertrain but this has a multi-stage hybrid so it's a new advanced system but what's really great about this vehicle, is we actually have an available color heads-up display Now these are twenty eight way power seat but you can actually turn on your shiatsu massage Whaaat?! Yes, shiatsu massaging but not only for you you, I actually have it, all four outboard seats have it in this vehicle

So you have shiatsu massage from the comfort of your own vehicle Get a massage in my car Yes you can While you're driving to school Okay I said I could sit in here all day but I do you have other cards to show me

So what are we gonna see next? Let's go look at the LC500H Okay, so the LC, what does the LC stand for? LC stands for Luxury Coup Do you want to have a seat inside? Of course I want to have a seat inside You know the answer is gonna be yes to that one This is beautiful

Isn't it great It actually won an eyes on design award when it was first introduced at the North American International Auto Show It's International Auto Show It's positioned as a Grand Touring coupe So very comfortable for daily driving

2+2 so we could actually take some passengers with us Yeah, okay So whats our next car? Let's go take a look at the GS450H Alright, let's go do it And this is our five passenger sport sedan it's called the GS450H

It's a 35 liter v6 coupled with hybrid powertrain giving you a combined system horsepower of 338 doing 0 to 60 and 56 seconds I would think this would be a great family car It is, it's great for families

Yeah do you want to go take a look at the NX300H? Of course I do Now this is the newest SUV So this technically is not the newest SUV but this was the newest introduced the lineup in 2015 So it's a compact crossover It's called the NX

it stands for Nimble Crossover so it's really fun to drive, really great handling and it averages 33 miles per gallon in the city And something new for 2018, we did a minor refresh this year was the addition of the Lexus safety system plus Now that's a system that's standard on all of our 2018 and newer hybrids So that gives you a pre collision system with pedestrian detection, dynamic radar, cruise control, lane departure, alert lane keep assist and intelligent heightened It's all standard on these models

So you didn't skimp on safety at all No, not at all Of course That's Lexus For more information just visit DesigningSpaces

tv or Lexuscom/Hybrid Bye for now [Music] [Music] When we think of utility bills, we usually don't smile but when we lower those bills Well that's a whole other story A great way to lower your energy bills with heating and cooling is getting efficient insulation installed For many owners or professional do-it-yourselfers are using a product that is making a lot of competitors green with envy, want to learn more come lets go! (Music) Insulating your attick is one of the best way to control energy cost The EPA estimates proper insulation can save homeowners up to twenty percent on heating and cooling bills Adding insulation helps to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer "Hey Donna! How is it going up there?" "Hey Debbie, it's going great!" Yea

"Yea we're making great progress and it is very easy to do As a matter of fact, another fifteen minutes and I think I'll be completely done" So tell me, "why did you use green fiber?" For me,it was about the fact that I already have insulation up here and I need to improve up on it to lower my energy cost, and this is going to be what I found to be certainly the easiet thing to do I didn't want to make a huge investment, I did feel like I needed to because I alredy have something I just wanted to improve upon what I already had

You're almost done? "I am just about done" How long did it take you? So far I have been up here just about an hour, so it will be total of about an hour and fifteen minutes Easy enough right Yea, It was well worth my time

aww I have a cool drink waiting for you That sounds great, Thanks Debbie! (Music) Here to tell us more is Ben Underwood an insulation and green fiber expert Ben, thank you for being here today Thank you for having me So ben, What makes green fiber such a smart choice for consumers and home owners? Right, well it's a higher R value print, high recycle content, eighty-five percent and the machine is very easy to use

One cord here for electrical connection, there's the glowing hose here, thats goes into your attick Yea it doesn't get any easier than that you, plug it and I turn it on, so that was fantastic Now I've heard of something called "Rvalue" what is that? Rvalue is standard for detemining the resistant to heat transfer, the higher the Rvalue the better thermo will perform Ok that makes How do we know how much green fiber to add? If it's an existing home, the existing amount of insulation dictates how much you need to bring it up to standard

In this case it's roughly four inches there, need to add about six to get it up to standard "So, you're talking about adding to exisiting like you did, What about a new construction though?" This product has been used for alot in new consturction for a nearly a century So ben can it save us money? "Yes it can absolutely save money, it can save up to twenty percent cost savings on your energy bills with use of this product" And debbie my experience with this in my house, I have been in here over twenty years I love my house, however what I have notice is that the electrical bill in the summer is going up, the heating bill is going up and it is costing me more money

So we were looking for something that would give us more efficiency, a better way of spending our money And I have found it and very pleased And what about the sound, How do it work with the sound? The product fills all the gabs and bullets, it's also a more dense product two to three times more dense than traditional insulation So, those two things combines to make it truly a superior sound control product My husband has complained about the sound noise in the house and frankly when I am working even at home and I'm talking on the phone

I can hear the gardener landscaping, sites going on outside So I never realize how noisey my house is during the day And because it's paper, How does it work should a fire break out? well it is eight-five percent recycled newspaper and created with fire retargeted chemicals It's very resilient to fire in fact We just got a class 1A fire rating You know when I think of insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is, itchy

So, how is green fiber different? OK absolutely no itch And where do we find green fiber and the blowing system? You can find green fiber products in most big buck retailers, independent retailers or professional contractors anywhere in the country

Well to learn more, and help you save money, jump on the web and visit greenfiber dotcom and you can always visit us at designingspacestv Remember summer or winter, sound or fire, green goes with everything (Music) [Music] Beneath this beautiful lawn next to this cozy home, something serious may be brewing From underneath the greenery lives a septic system sometimes things can go wrong Within a year of us moving in here I was here at the sink turned on the faucet just normal and I hear a sound coming from the tub so I shut the sink off and it stops

Turn the sink water back on and again I hear something coming from the tub so I come over and I look and there's actually water coming up from the tub it wasn't clear water it was brown water And oh the smell it was so awful so I'm I didn't know what to do I didn't know what that was so what else to do but call my husband So when we were buying the house it was listed at city sewer but when we were walking around outside and I noticed the clean-out there and a clean-out there I knew that it was actually a septic system And that's a good thing because when we had our backup I knew exactly what to do

I checked the clean-out they were all full so I knew I had to come and find the lid being in the construction business I knew what to do and I could absorb some of the cost myself before the regular homeowner It's a lot of money A septic system is like a mini underground sewage treatment facility on your property All plumbing leads to a watertight tank where beneficial bacteria break down the waste products the waste is then dispersed into a drain field by pipes to prevent possible future problems Debbie and mossy were introduced to Dan Cohen from eco now solutions I'm sure a septic backup is something you never want to happen again You got that right yeah, it's way too costly Yeah exactly! Well there are certain things you can do to help your system operate more efficiently okay like what? First of all you probably don't realize that even using or overusing certain household cleaner's bacterial soaps or drain line openers can negatively affect your septic system

You should never pour unless he's the cook Uh ok Cooking oil or grease down your drains okay you want to avoid flushing things like cigarette butts I don't know If you are a smoker; wipes paper towels or pharmaceuticals paint thinners Insecticides or solvent anywhere near down your drains to get in your septic system; Even if your septic tank is maintained properly it still needs to be pumped periodically EPA recommends that the septic system to inspect it every three years And typically pumped every three to five years; However certain municipalities have different laws you should always check sometimes it's more frequently than not

Okay so any suggestions you have for us to keep our septic properly maintained? you can add eco now's septic oxygen tab to your septic system What septic oxy tab do and they add oxygen and billions of bacteria that what they do is they help break down household waste, solids, grease and even digest toilet paper now because you can't see what happens in the septic tank right I'd like to show you a little demonstration so you can see what it actually does Alright that would be great! Yeah! I'm going to show you exactly what happens in your septic tank okay what this does is it restores the natural bacteria that's in your tank it also adds bacteria to tank so that it will run properly and operate a tissue as you can see the tablet is fully dissolved in this class in this tank it disperses all the bacteria and the oxygen to attack your house always

Look at that I love that that's such a great idea okay but the question is how do I get that into my septic system? It's very easy you just drop a tablet in your toilet and flush from there at your main pipe leads directly into the septic tank use it once a month and you'll have it tank properly maintained That is easy I can do that The septic tab is biodegradable safe to you so they'll have no problem using it Perfect thank you so much Ben Appreciate it

It was nice meeting you Thank you By using the septic oxy tabs on a regular basis Debbie and Massey should have no more problems with a septic tank To find out more visit sceptic oxy tabs dot com [Music] [Music] Interior designer, Heidi Pettee, is redoing this entire home and Equestrian Center When we arrived it was derelict, the house was a tan color

Everything was tan, tan,tan– does not fit into what I feel that this property should be So I'm meeting Steve today, and I'm gonna walk him through the big house and then I'm gonna take him into the tack room I'm gonna show him the teen room Let me show you the inside Wonderful, yeah please

Thank you Let me tell you a little bit about this farm– the owner has an idea to build an equestrian center here for kids of all ages What we've been doing for the past three months is painting everything, we've really transformed this place It’s everything under the Sun Everything under the Sun, including the barn

This house has three bedrooms, it was important for the owner to make this space kid-friendly Seeing the house for the first time really gave us an understanding of why she chose the designs that she wanted to go with, also the color schemes as well I love what you did with the space, the flooring looks gorgeous but you know while we're here let's go outside see how the gentlemen are doing out in the tack room Great [Music] Hey Bob

Hey How’s it going? When I saw the brochure for Tarkett they offered this product where there are four colors in one box, so it worked perfectly Did I make the right choice for a tack room with kids, running in in their boots, mud All those things And the sunlight

Absolutely I mean this just gets a ton of sun From a technical perspective this product is next-generation as it relates to direct sunlight– it's 100% waterproof, superior in dent performance, so when those kids come running in and the most important thing it's easy to clean because those kids are gonna mess the heck out of it Heidi decided to use ProGen– what makes our ProGen technology extremely beneficial for that space, is that space has significant temperature fluctuations from sunlight coming in from multiple directions also the product is 100% waterproof so when kids come marching in with mud and what-have-you, product won't bend or buckle from that absorption of water Oh wow! This room is the teen room

Okay Or let's call it the all kid's room, so there could be up to 20 kids in here at one time It's gonna be used when they can't ride and they need a place to hang out you know they're gonna be running from the pool coming here, so did we make the right choice on the material? Absolutely– 100% waterproof, great bold design choices So like here you have the the mix and match, but you can also do a herringbone with this product but we love the mix-and-match that you used to kind of accentuate the two different color combinations The sure set technology actually has a pre applied adhesive that you can actually just lay it down straight onto the subfloor which makes the installation significantly easier as you map out the room

Now that the floors are in, Heidi adds the finishing touches and it's time to show the girls their newly renovated home away from home You ready to see it? Alright let's go! [Music] So did I, did I get everything that you guys need? Saddles, tack, bench, boot storage Okay the place for you guys to hang out, the place to go when it rains, the place to go to get away, go check it out! [Music] And the good news is the floor is totally durable Good thing it's waterproof For more information visit Tarkettna dot com slash pro gen or visit designing spaces dot TV [Music] For more information on anything you've seen on today's show or to learn how you can be part of the show go to our website designing spaces dot TV

You can visit these websites to learn more about the participants on this edition of Designing Spaces [Music] Making a space you can call home, living the lifestyle you desire, it's what we're all about– we're Designing Spaces [Music]

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