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Previously on journey to home Everyone today is Tuesday, yes, today's Tuesday Dee is here and he's in his paint pants because about I think it's about the paint today Probably not it Yeah, he has a few things to do like moving the carpet from stairs I'm having to sand a few places don't do that and a Few other things my dad's home today So he has been working on the house since about 10:00 o'clock, and it's about 4 o'clock now, so he's been there all day He's still there

My mom's over there now Let me include some footage from yesterday because I didn't get to do it any talking So let me just show you guys what happened All right, so these just go ahead and removing the carpet Removing it my dad's in the background doing the hardwood floors pretty noisy All right, so I'm actually heading out I'm meeting up with my friend Nikita She's actually the one who's going to be in charge of the gender-reveal She's the one that I'm going to be passing over to envelope to and she'll be dealing with you know Filling up a box or balloons with the color That suits the baby's sex I'm just hanging out to meet up with her going to scatter bush It is a restaurant here I don't know if it's everywhere but it's I believe it's Italian her and I we usually get this cheese Dish and then we get pasta in the desert I don't know how much I can eat because these days I can only eat like this much So we'll see how I do if anything I can always bring home the pasta and have it for tomorrow for lunch So D's in the house right now and he is just taking off the trims around the doors and the baseboards along the floors just because we have to put down hardwood floors and you can't do that if you have Baseboards down already I mean you probably know you can so Yeah You have to remove those and implants them you either put back on the old ones or you put on the new ones But we are going to put on some new ones because the ones that we have there are very very dated So he's doing that now While I head out I'm wearing this really cute Oversized black teddy bear jacket or coat from garage, and I've been seeing these everywhere I've been seeing it on fashion ova Instagram models, I've been seeing it everywhere

Let me head out because my friend already left her house, and I don't want to – too late, so Everyone today is Tuesday and D is here and you brought me food I'm reading the same for wit as last time actually No, not the same is the same crowd chicken bone is going so D has his curry chicken with some veggies I want that tomato, and he has some kallu on the side I've never seen anyone put kallu on the side like that just budgie, but oh It's bad G Oh for anyone that knows what this is Let us know Is callaloo is Cao Lu and badgy the same thing cuz it really does look like it to be honest Let us know and then he brought me of course one double cuz that's all I can really handle and Some polari so that's what I got And what's this in the corner here? Oh mango, this is nice This is really good

Alright cool And here's an update all my flowers they're dying I change the water the other day my dad told me to change and I did but they're still dying if you put that thing I Think if you put vinegar in the water, oh, it lasts longer and I think if you put ice in the water Oh, I heard about the ice It lasts longer Okay, it's okay Yeah, it's time for him to cool I really like them though

Everyone today is Tuesday and D came over earlier today and he's still here but he's at our house I don't remember what he's working on just yet But I will go over there in a bit and show you guys what my dad and D are working on I believe my dad said that he wanted to put more Compound on the walls because he was you know fix them up so that he can go ahead and sand and paint I think D is painting the ceiling in All the rooms select the kitchen the bedrooms Office nursery as for what has happened on the weekend I did not get to vlog much I was doing a lot more hands-on stuff, so I didn't really get to vlog But I'm going to insert the footage of what happened over the weekend My dad and I did a lot of damage in Home Depot I was able to find all the light fixtures for upstairs, so bathrooms nursery office Master bedroom, but also the floors are pretty much done They're like 98 percent 99 done Some tiles went down at the front door Some tiles went down Inside the master bathroom

We still need tiles for the kitchen floor and the main bathroom floor He is here in the kitchen Taking off the baseboards He's already taken off a piece of it Can I take off the rest? Nothing has been done to the kitchen yet Just the wallpaper We took off If you guys remember that Everything's kind of all over the place and messy but it's renovations

That's how it is Adorned Talking So much done some time And went ahead and sended the ceiling here You didn't paint the ceiling yet Did you? You didn't paint the ceiling did you no no all the baseboards have been taken off base not baseboards frames All the doors Everything has been taken off there is still a mess And my dad is mudding the Wallace, we're not going to put Tile around the walls again We're just gonna put put it right here

So Once this dries you can send it and paint it Down the hall baby's room You guys will not get to see that yet you have to wait for the reveal so my dad went ahead and put some more mud here and he also did this feeling oh He did a lot so he did all of this today So he went all around the room and put compound So when this dries once again, you have to sand and paint so this room will be painted in a really nice color You guys will see that soon here is the vanity It's not installed yet We still need to get a toilet, here's the tiles friend here It's a very soft marble if I turn the light you can see it a little bit better I did get some light fixtures For here, I'll have to show them to you guys

They're downstairs So I got I got a nice light fixture for here All of this used to be pink tile we're not going to do tile again, we're just going to do tile right here So, yeah, so that's the powder room in the master moving over to the studio So The studio has been painted but it's just one coat it definitely needs another one the floors in here are done My dad went ahead and did some mudding If you turn this way this closet still needs some flooring I think my mom brought home a box from work Well, not from work after work She went to the her wood place and got Some more wood and Yeah, we still need to Get some flames I think my dad said he has some Someone just sneezed and that would have to be d Yeah, and here is really dusty out here's gonna need another coat of paint Nothing it just has one coat right now Plus it It's not done The living room looks cray-cray So much stuff everywhere, but it's all coming together

And this is what the dining room looks like with the baseboards and a beautiful chandelier Art went That the previous owner left behind It's such a beautiful plant when we first came it was about this long Like this and now it's nice and long It was way longer He was all on the ground, but my mom cut it So, yeah, and this plant I got from Home Depot it fell over last weekend so I got a nurse it back to health The wind was really strong last weekend Dee's in there It's funny we just clean this kitchen we move all this stuff and then now look at it It's a mess

That's okay You clean it was so nice And we still gotta do this Oh My gosh the stuff and the monus would be something new This is not like a major like a deal breaker, and it's can be done This can be done later on Yeah, yeah it does it looks exactly the bar downstairs so these are things that can be done in the future You just want to work on the most important things Because we have some plans for this house coming up very very soon So you want to make sure most of the house is ready So it's exciting Yeah, it's getting really cold quick like very quick like cheese So anyways, that's that for the house a nice little walkthrough Alright so here is the pile of light fixtures So I'm just gonna show you guys what we got so far And I definitely want to do a haul and all the stuff that I got from winners and HomeSense You guys will see that in a different video So let me show you guys what we got So if we look at this light fixture right here, this one is for the studio I Decided to get something that's a little bit closer to the ceiling because these pretty tall and he hits his head on the current one Then I got this light fixture year From Home Depot It's actually very similar to the one that's in a dining room

But this is just a smaller version So that's pretty much what it looks like It's very very pretty all of them are very pretty This one down here is for the main bathroom Where you guys saw my dad doing the compound? So we got two of those and then for our bedroom I picked up this one I decided to get one that was kind of flat Just so that way He doesn't hit his head on it's because again, he's really tall So that's for our bedroom studio and one more that I got to show you but I got to take all these off So I can show it to you All right, so the last one here is for our Bathrooms, so the master bathroom, I just got one simple one And yeah, so all of these lights that I just showed you guys are from Home Depot I will try my best to Include links in case any of you guys are interested I will try my best But yeah, that's what we got

So far the entire house has light fixtures now Yeah, and the baby's room I got one already But I don't want to show it to you guys because I want that room to be a surprise next on journey time

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