Saturday, 27 February 2021

Interior Design | Modern Condo Remodel

HI Guys! It is Super Bowl Sunday and I am relished up here in my bedroom to record this video for you todayAn introduction to a project to a project that we did four years ago

I had someone call my office and say, we'd like to meet with you, actually it was, I'd like to meet with you, Typically I'd meet with both husband and wife and we'd have a project In particularly on the first time we meet In this case, my client said "you know, my husband is a surgeon and he is very busy and he does not have time to meet, and I will meet with you" "But, don't worry I make all the decisions, always have, in every home that we have had" This was now their second home in San Diego, CA and they were just about a week away from going back to the state that they normally lived in most of the year

so I had a quick meeting with her, she loved us, she signed the contracts, and she said that Here's what she wanted me to do she asked me specifically to update the condo to look a little bit more current Reface the kitchen cabinets and give it a bit of a facelift Honestly, it was a kind of a weird setup, it was very, very contemporary the furniture But, the one thing they had was a rug, that Mr Client had purchased on an overseas trip

Now apparently he never purchased anything ever! For any of their homes, except this one time, it was a red Persian rug Don't get me wrong, I love Persian Rugs, there fabulous, but not necessarily in a contemporary home And MrCLient really likes the furniture and said oh boy so she then a couple of days later took off to the other city they live in At least not this contemporary home, so the one thing she told me was, "Rebecca just make sure whatever you do that rug stays here

" and Mr Client really likes the furniture" And I said, Oh Boy" so she then a couple of days later took off for the other city they live in and for four months, my team, worked, tirelessly really, to put together a plan I put together a 3-D model of my proposal to her and when I showed that to her she said, "Just Do it!" it was a lot more than just refacing the cabinets now here is the interesting part of the story, Mr

Client had no idea any of this was going on This was the first time in my career that the husband was not involved somewhat This was the first time in my career that the husband was not involved somewhat at least in paying the bills He never saw a bill He never made a decision He didn't even know that it was going on in San Diego! We gutted the place! I can't wait to show you

So here we are in the halls of doors going into the house and you can see for yourself that the colors are very plain and everything is just sort of, it's nice, not a bad home, it's just not a WOW! and one of the figure flaws that I had a problem with was the entrance to the kitchen The kitchen was not only small, it was just shaped weird It had an angled or a side entrance and it had an angled pass through bar and it had an opening into the dining room from the kitchen, that was like a random pass through, it was a dry wall opening I mean the whole thing was just weird! So in my design I changed the kitchen around to included the pantry in the kitchen, not in the hallway I took care of and eliminated a lot of the door problems in the entry so the first impression was so much better

and fortunately they loved espresso furniture and cabinetry so rather than having to replace everything although we did do new cabinets in the kitchen an we did new cabinets in the master bathroom We were able to ghost coat all the doors ways in the hallway to be in the espresso which looked fabulous! funny little note we talked about a lot of things to do, but about a week before install she said, Sookay

we're scheduled for four days of install and now we have two days to go get the travertine have the entire floor taken out have all new travertine put in and you know what??? WE MADE THE DATE! It was quite an amazing reveal I get a phone call from Mrs

Client saying , Now, you know normally when my clients come in one of the best parts is the reveal and we always have cameras setup In this case, I was a little afraid, mostly becuase I hadn't met the husband, I had know idea what he was like and more importantly he was already going to be in enough shock When he saw what we had been up to the last few months and when he saw that his house was really quite different, nothing at all what he expected I didn't want to add the extra pressure on him to have cameras rolling

This Husband was so expressive and so appreciative and so loved it and guess what? I took the liberty of making a decision to not include the red rug so we rolled up the red rug and we had laying on the side in the garage so that we could usher it back in if we needed to Where's my red rug? He loved the new rug! In fact he told his wife, don't change a thing! I love it! Just like it is! It's kind of a remarkable before and after Let me know what you think!

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