Friday, 23 October 2020


Hey guys and welcome back to my channel today, I am going to be taking you on a house tour and showing you before and After results of our renovations that we have been doing for the past year Hopefully you guys like the results of our renovations and can tell a difference let me know in the comments below What room or what area you like the most in the house? Don't forget if you would like to see my makeup room or makeup storage organization video I will link that down in the description box below and let's just get straight into the video So starting off, of course from when you first walk into the house and into the lounge room Which we had to rip up the disgusting carpet as you can see and put grey tiles down We've repainted everything white including this brown suede look wall that took lots of Sanding and then we also filled in that big space in this wall to be able to make the kitchen bigger and separate the space so when you first walk in it's more of a feature with this big set of Drawers from Ikea for storage and a few things on top of the drawers including this cute little Tiffany box candles mirror Which my old boss actually gave me and we painted white and then in those spaces that were in the walls we added these Vines that my dad gave me and they've grown as a nice greenery I just think it looks really good And then to the right of the entrance door I added this chair and my only other plant in the house that sits on this table I got from Kmart I only have this here because this chair is one of the first things I bought even before I knew what the house would look like so impulse purchase but it does kind of look cute We ended up putting the lounge in the center of the room Basically, and then so we could Center the TV on the main wall It's nice and cozy with the coffee table and a super comfy lounge the couch We got from a warehouse sale for way cheaper than usual And then we obviously had the main TV which we also got from Ikea I love a bit of white I also got this big standing mirror Which I love I was so pumped when I got it from the store and it cost like a hundred dollars The coffee table was actually our first piece of furniture which I love because my dad made it for me He used an old pallet He had held onto at work Which he sanded back and then painted a gloss over the top then he had a frame painted in white and it has sort of like a scandi feel and it is my hundred percent my favorite piece of furniture I have Then I also obviously love a good standing lamp

I have this pink Suede ottoman and this dark grey chair that my work gave me as a going-away present when I left How cute is that? Now walking towards the kitchen is where eventually we will have a dining table But since we don't have one yet, I have actually placed the daybed that we have there Now into my favorite area of the house which was the grossest it's the kitchen I feel like we have changed a lot We designed everything about the kitchen ourselves including the space to make it bigger as you can see we ripped Everything out we filled that wall in to make it bigger and just create a really big kitchen It was a really tiny kitchen guys and the space was not used appropriately started all over again It's the same theme throughout the house So we've got these dark grey bench tops which James and I argued about a lot I wanted everything to be white, but he won this one So it's a stone bench top all white gloss cabinets, and he really wanted like matte black handles So all the drawers and lower cupboards have the matte black handles I also picked this up off eBay, which I'll eventually paint white, but it's aqua for now Anyways, hopefully you can tell the difference with this area We also made these feature lights I picked up these two black fruit bowls from Kmart and then got the pictures from Bunnings and James Basically had to make them so that was good for me And then we have this breakfast bar, which I wasn't a fan of breakfast bars, but it's so handy now So everything is really matte black We even have a matte black sink and I just think that closing up that hole made a whole heap of difference We now have way bigger pantry and cupboard space and we have obviously these big drawers I'm a big fan of huge drawers and they have to be soft closing as well Now onto This area we had this bedroom It was I hate brown blinds

Everything was cream So we just painted everything white We got new gray carpet and really just like decorated the bedrooms like this is just a spare bedroom They're all quite small That's a laundry We haven't done that yet So stay tuned on to the bathroom This is our guest spare bathroom it was pink pink bathtub pink tiles and The toilet was separate we made it so that the toilet was all within the one area because it made the bathroom feel so much Bigger it was seriously so tiny We put all white tiles from the floor to the ceiling to make it feel bigger then We also had the matte black features added in with the taps we made this little alcove with this feature tiles just to add storage because I don't really like Shelves, and then where the vanity is we just had like a little floating vanity and huge mirrored cupboards Like I can't reach the top there so high just to make the space feel bigger So this is the other spare bedroom, it's my Beauty room it's obviously a bit different than if you watched my makeup room tour video just because I've changed my filming setup since for some Makeup videos that I've been doing with Maybelline Now onto our bedroom it is quite small but it's definitely better as again we ripped up the carpet painted everything we've got new fans and new lighting and Everything and then we obviously got new blinds as well because I mean it was gross the carpet particularly was bad And there you have it that was the house to out we still have a bit to go I am thinking of doing a laundry makeover video because we haven't done that yet Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a laundry makeover video

I do love a bit of demo It's probably my favorite part of renovating Subscribe and hit the belt button if you want some notifications to know when I post Next and hopefully I will see you all very very soon Bye guys

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