Friday, 26 February 2021

Home Renovation Loan: Taylor’s First Source Story

When I started the process I didn't really know anything about getting a mortgage I just went to First Source so that I could figure out what I actually needed to buy a house and not just think about buying a house anymore

Through the process of buying a house, First Source was always there to help me and they were quick to answer the phones and answer emails For me it was a year and a half long process of trying to find a house to live in so they answered a lot of questions and they dealt with me many many times They treated me well but they also kept an eye on whether or not it is going to affect me and what I could genuinely afford Without having to eat ramen noodles every night When I first bought my house, being a contractor I bought it with the intent of completely changing everything about it

Within two or three months I went back to First Source to get a home improvement loan so that I could remodel my kitchen Among other things I used it to open up the kitchen to the living room Made my house an open concept All new cabinets and floors and paint and trim and it's starting to feel like home

It's definitely a good first house After I went through the process with a construction loan in order to renovate my house I was able to transition that into a home equity line of credit to allow me since I built up the equity in my house it allowed me to access that equity in order for myself to take out money when I needed to finish more projects on the house That way I could pull money as I want and not need it all at one given point in time

Future plans for my house are to finish renovating it Live there maybe another year or two and sell it to buy the house that I really want to live in, a nice little farmhouse that I have to find still In which i'll have to need another mortgage and i'll definitely be going to First Source for that second mortgage

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