Sunday, 29 November 2020

Home Renovation Company | Pacific Home Remodeling

So who is Pacific Home Remodeling? Well, we're a 20 year old company In the last 10 years we've incorporated to become Pacific Home Remodeling but we have only exclusive factory direct, very high quality products

We like high energy people We like people that like to make money, our company is family oriented, our ownership understands what it takes to make the sales force happy and committed Also, we have a complete sales training program for all the new people so if anybody comes here fresh and green off the streets, they can get a complete training program so that when they walk out of here they're able to make their sales the first time out As a sales person, the leads are provided for you They don't need to work for their appointments

The company provides those for them and it's up to the sales people to make the best that they can with each one of those leads

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