Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Home Remodeling with Diane Plesset – Part 2

Hi everyone! Alex Roy here again, Realtor and your local expert in Eastside Portland Here today with designer

fabulous designer and author of the book "The Survival Guide: Home Remodeling" Dianne Plesset Hi, Diane This is part 2 in our series

Talking about interior design So Dianne, why hire a designer? What is the importance there? (Diane) Well there are different levels of designer I happen to be a Certified Master Kitchen Bath Designer

(Alex) Certified Master Kitchen Bath Designer (Diane) Right As well as a Certified Aging in Place specialistand a Certified Interior Designer But, what designers bring to project if they really care about their clients are options Not to spend their money but to get them to think about something else You see, it's like it was so logical to me as a designer that we need to remove the second doorway to the dining room and put in a pass-through in this kitchen That would give them more countertop space, and more functionality And they hadn't thought about that

So the idea is there, it hasn't occurred to them, and I imagine you just tell them the idea, but that doesn't mean it's gonna resonate with them Maybe you have to draw it out Yes, what I did with this couple is I did perspectives Multiples perspectives of their kitchen, showing what it would look like and talking with them about how it would function Painting a word picture

So they could really under stand the advantages of taking out a doorway and replacing it with a pass-through Absolutely So, some time and patience goes a long way in this job Yes

But it doesn't take that long I like to meet at least weekly with my clients Right, not just one long sit down, but rather a bunch of little ones You can keep the momentum going So, when people are maybe starting to consider doing a revolt at home, they're starting to feel that something's got a change here

They could start going and looking at various ideas They can go to Ikea and Home Depot and check out materials But really, at what stage should we come and talk to a designer? At the very beginning That way we can guide them and help them prevent them from wasting their time, Wasting their money, Right, two big things right there Normally when people are talking about doing a kitchen or a bathroom, Alex, the first thing they do is go look at tile

No, no, no We start with the architectural things first If there are new windows, new doors, whatever, you start with them And the tile, the countertops, flooring, are all finished surfaces So first in a kitchen comes the appliances

Okay, they've got to be there And the cabinets have to go around the appliances And then the appliances determine the function of the kitchen Likewise in a bathroom, plumbing fixtures have to be number one And way down the line is the finished surfaces

Right The tiles, the countertops Those can always be put in at another time Exactly, and that's like what I said before Functions, safety, then esthetics

I love it That is a great tip Any final tip for today in this segment? Just to think about what you want Make a list Make a list of everything you want to include

Start out by just pulling out all the stops Everything you want to include You can always eliminate things that are either too expensive or not necessary But it's hard to add them in after the fact So just brainstorm; get it all up there, what is the total wishlist

Exactly And in my book, I have multiple checklists that people can use with priorities So that they can use that to help them determine well, what do we really want in our kitchen or bathroom? Excellent I love it Thanks so much Diane It's my pleasure Well, thanks for watching everyone

I'm Alex Roy, your trusted Realtor in Eastside Portland Reminding you that you can get Diane's book "The Survival Guide: Home Remodeling" on Amazon So look it up today It's a great book And, if you're wondering how much your home is worth, don't forget You can just call or email me to schedule your free home pricing evaluation

Its something I love to do for anyone who's thinking of selling Catch you later!

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