Thursday, 3 December 2020

Fix buggy patches and slow down Windows 10 updates, demands patching admin

A respected Windows patching admin, Susan Bradley, who manages Windows PCs and servers in business has a major gripe with Microsoft’s recent uptick in patches with “known issues”, otherwise known as patches that cause problems for PCs when they’re installed.

Bradley this week posted an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft corporate VP of Windows Servicing and Delivery, and the company’s head of Azure, Scott Guthrie, highlighting a spate of recent Windows patches with known issues. 

Her open letter was published on IDG Network’s US “Woody on Windows” column, and takes the execs to task for forcing people like her to choose to installing patches that can break production machines or leave them un-patched and vulnerable to publicly aired flaws. 

That’s a serious consideration for admins who know that a disclosed vulnerability is more likely to be exploited with every day that passes. Microsoft acknowledges this on its blog.

She posted the letter three years after Microsoft switched to its Windows-as-a-service model where it releases new versions of Windows 10 multiple times a year. Clearly she’s not satisfied with how Microsoft is handling the transition. 

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