Friday, 26 February 2021

CNC capability helps Texas shop manage supply and demand

LUBBOCK, Texas — TTT Construction manufactures custom cabinets and doors for home builders in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

“We also do small commercial jobs and an occasional house flip,” said Eric Buske said. “TTT Construction began in my 900 square foot barn in my backyard with one employee. We now have grown into a 10,000 square foot shop with 18 full time employees and 20 subcontractors.”

Products include custom wood cabinets, custom wood beams for home remodeling or new construction projects, custom mantles, wood posts and ceiling treatments.

TTT Construction’s shop operates with equipment including Kreg face frame table, pocket hole machine, and two SawStop table saws. The newest addition is the Boss CNC router from RouterCAD.

The Boss CNC routers have large AC servo motors on X, Y and Z axes. The gantry is a rack and pinion engineered system that is designed to provide twice the power and torque of a single ball-screw type of construction. Both sides of the gantry have proximity switches that keep the machine cutting square parts as opposed to a single proximity which is commonly used with ball-screws. 

“When the raw lumber comes in it starts with the design being cut out on the Boss,” Buske said. “Then upon completion of cabinets they are sent to various work stations to begin assembly. Cabinets are made of ¾-inch thick plywood with paint, stain and plastic laminate finishes. Drawers are built and installed to complete the package.”

RouterCAD and Cabinet Solutions software provide creative ways to help the company cut out custom detailed parts for the look the customer is desiring.

“Supply and demand can be one of our biggest challenges along with keeping market flow steady, but our Boss CNC revolutionized our ability to do higher production, dados, custom cabinets, doors and specialty cut outs keeping us on the front end of the industry,” Buske said.

“Here at TTT we pay close attention to detail and take time with each of our customers helping them create the perfect design for their new home. Our motto is Design Build and Install and we take pride in each and every job, providing the highest quality service and finishing the job without leaving any loose ends making the most of every opportunity we have the privilege of being a part of.”


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