Saturday, 5 December 2020

Home Remodeling | Seattle Area

Chermak Construction has been designing and building projects in a greater Seattle area for over 30 years When we're invited into client's home we are very serious about the experience and the results

Our teamwork philosophy is something that really makes our company work Our process guarantees clear communication and careful project management The creativity comes out in our business when we design a project for a client and comes from the interaction of the client and us The thing that I'm most passionate about in my business is working with people and being creative in making a difference in their homes We are the every man's builder and we do projects of all sizes

Many of our projects have won national and regional awards but what we are most proud of is our exceptional client relationships Basically we knew exactly, you know, when things were going to start and when they were going to end If there was some modification but at least know what weeks we had to work at what week we did so I appreciated that we knew what the project schedule was from start to finish and that you would do your best to make sure that we follow that schedule as well I'm sure you will agree Chermak is the trusted choice and will make a beautiful difference in your home

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