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Parade of Homes benefits local economy

Parade of Homes benefits local economy

LA CRESCENT, Minn (WKBT) – – There’s a new parade in town, but it doesn’t have floats or people throwing candy.

It’s the 2018 La Crosse Area Builders Association Parade of Homes.

Nine builders have ten homes in this year’s event.

Builders say it’s great because they get to network with potential home buyers, and people get inspiration for building or remodeling their own homes.

As a result, there’s a lot of new construction, which benefits the whole economy.

Paul Westlie, the owner of Heartland Construction, said, “Everybody wins when it comes to new construction.”

Westlie said the Parade of Homes is bringing in lots of new customers.

“I’ve been in business now for 23 years, and it’s always been word of mouth being a builder for people, and now I’m reaching out to new clients that wouldn’t have normally heard from me,” Westlie said.

There’s one community in our area that seems to be growing the most.

“A lot of new developments are in the Holmen area. Because La Crosse is landlocked with the bluffs and the river, there isn’t much going on there,” Westlie said.

Westlie said all of this construction is helping the economy.

“I would say 100 percent good for the economy because it’s not just the builders that get work, it’s all the sub-contractors and all the outlets where people can buy furniture and fixtures,” Westlie said.

It’s even good for the neighbors.

“It brings property values up around the whole neighborhood or any neighborhood that you’re in,” Westlie said.

Younis and Nadia Aneel are hoping to build a new house, so they came to the Parade of Homes for inspiration.

“Really helps to give us some more ideas, the colors, the floor plans, and I think it’s a really good opportunity,” Younis Aneel said.

The Aneels built the house they’re living in now a few years ago, but they say home styles have already changed a lot since then.

 “If you compare to the houses built like two years ago, they’re a whole lot different. Like, they’re changing new garage styles, new living room styles,” Younis Aneel said.

After seeing Westlie’s properties in the Parade of Homes Nadia Aneel saidshe’s impressed.

“Right now we like Heartland Construction. I had a chance to see their two houses, and so far thier color scheme is very good. Maybe they’re going to be our future builder,” Nadia Aneel said.

The La Crosse Area Builders Association says the housing market is extremely strong right now.

They’re expecting to see between 2,000 and 3,000 thousand people come through the Parade of Homes.

Today’s the last day of the event this week, but it will run Thursday through Sunday of next week.

If you would like to go to the Parade of Homes, you can get tickets for 8 dollars.


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