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Homeowners say contractor took money and is ‘gone like the wind’


Anita Cappalla has a slow leak in her kitchen sink. It’s so slow, she didn’t even know the leak was there until her kitchen island started showing water damage.

“When we had the leak, the water came up to here on both sides,” Cappalla said as she showed 3 On Your Side the water damage.


Cappalla figured if she replaced the island, she might as well remodel her entire kitchen with new counter tops and cabinets as well.

So she hired a company called CKBR which stands for Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodel. The company is run by a guy named Don Wilkerson.

“He was very friendly, very warm,” Cappalla said. “He was very accommodating.”

Cappalla says she was impressed with some of Wilkerson’s ideas. And after he provided her with designs of what her kitchen could look like, along with some other fancy company material, Cappalla handed Don Wilkerson a $4,882 check to start the $15,000 project.

But that was three months ago and Cappalla says Don Wilkerson is nowhere to be found.

“Don Wilkerson has disappeared?” 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked Cappalla.

“He’s gone like the wind,” she replied

3 On Your Side tried contacting Don Wilkerson numerous times, but when he never called us back we went to his business.

What we found was that Wilkerson and his company had been thrown out by the building’s landlord for reportedly not paying rent.

And that’s when a woman named Libby Korneagay drove up. She’s another one of Don Wilkerson’s customers who came to CKBR to find out why he’s not returning her phone calls.

“What was it about Don Wilkerson that you liked and that you decided to hire him?” Harper asked. “Well, a couple of things,” she said. “First, he was very cordial.”

But on this day, Kornegay realized CKBR was permanently closed and that Don Wilkerson was nowhere to be found.

And in Kornegay’s case, she had already given Wilkerson more than $70,000 in checks for a major home remodeling project.

What kind of project? Well, so extensive that Kornegay invited 3 On Your Side back to her house to show us the work that Don Wilkerson was paid to do, but abandoned.

“As you can see there’s not much here. My kitchen is basically a microwave oven I put on top of a makeshift table so I can cook,” she explained as she showed us inside her home.

Kornegay says Wilkerson put in new flooring. But beyond that, she believes only about 25 percent of the total project has been completed although she’s paid Don Wilkerson more than $70,000. Keep in mind, the total cost of the entire project is around $95,000.

Although Don Wilkerson never did respond to 3 On Your Side’s inquires, he did text Libby a message recently saying, “Everything I have worked for is gone. They have pulled my license. The IRS took all my money. I am locked out of my office.”

Turns out, they’re all true statements. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors recently suspended Don Wilkerson’s license after getting 21 consumer complaints.

Public documents reveal Wilkerson owes the IRS more than $100,000.

And we now know Wilkerson was thrown out of his office for reportedly not paying rent.

But consumers like Cappalla and Kornegay say, that’s not their problem and believe Don Wilkerson took their money knowing he was going under. 

“He just needed money and other people’s money apparently,” Cappalla said. “And did what with it? Go on vacation? I have no explanation.”

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors says they are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and are investigating. A spokesman tells 3 On Your Side that “…this company (CKBR) is not working in the interest of public health, safety and welfare.”

3 On Your Side will let you know what happens.

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