Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Home Remodeling Ideas: How to Make Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

You ever dream of having the look of tin ceilings, but price tags scared you away? Well, buckle up I got a project for you

Now, to create that tin ceiling effect without spending a ton of money, here's the stuff you're going to need You need to order some faux tin ceiling wallpaper, which is a nice embossed paper to look like real metal You got your panel You need some metallic paint, some spray adhesive, roller tray, and a sharp utility knife First step– we got to cut our wallpaper down to size

Next step is getting the piece of wallpaper to adhere down to the panel And to do that, you're going to use your spray adhesive You also want to make sure you get the back of the wallpaper as well for a little added extra security there Next step is trimming off the edges Now, with the wallpaper adhered nicely to the panel, it's time to add the metallic paint

So with a few simple steps, you too can have the high end look of tin ceilings without breaking the bank

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