Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Home Construction & Remodeling : How to Measure Stair Carpet

Hi, I'm Tim Gibson I'm going to talk to you about how to measure for a stair carpet

Now this is pretty much the same as measuring for any room, with a couple of differences We've got to take in to consideration our risers, and lip on our risers, the number of risers, and the width Now in this particular case, we've got a landing here, so to figure our carpet, we'll simply measure the length and width of the landing, and then we'll measure the length and width of this rise here Now, all of our stairs, the way they're designed, are going to have the same rise So in this case, these have an eight foot rise, and they're about elven foot run

So, each riser has nineteen inches of carpet, plus a lip, which we can measure on that, so it's about two and two, so another four inches So, essentially, we're going to be looking at twenty-three inches as far as the length of the carpet for each riser that we have So once we have that, we can count all our stairs, which, you know, typically, we've got about fifteen stairs here So we can take the twenty-three inches and multiply that by the number of stairs, fifteen, and then we want to divide that by two, and that will five us the number of linear feet that we have Then we've got to measure the width

In this case, the width is going to be about thirty-nine Now the one thing you've got to do with carpet, with carpets, is that the edges have to be folded under at least three quarters of an inch to an inch on each side, and that's to make sure that you don't get any raveling on the edge of your carpet So even though we've measured thirty-nine, we want to plan on forty-one inches, and then also give yourself about ten percent waste So, once we have all those measurements and know the number, then we know we can multiply the width, which if we add the two inches on, we'd be forty-one inches, which is a little over three and a half feet, and we're going to multiply it by the length that we have Once we do that, we get the square footage, and then we can go out and we can purchase our goods based on that square footage

And again, remember to add at least ten percent in there to allow for any waste, as far as cutting and piecing in I'm Tim Gibson, and that's how to measure carpet for stairs

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