Saturday, 24 October 2020

Hidden Remodeling Surprises

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom to better fit your families needs can be really exciting But no matter how much you plan, there are always unexpected surprises

Here are a few that we know to look for When planning a remodeling project, it's very tempting to move big things like refrigerators, stove, microwave- even the kitchen sink But it's really important to think about when you're designing, is not only moving the thing itself but the thing it is attached to in the wall Drain pipes, supply lines- those can go to the basement Vent pipes can go all the way through your roof

On the other hand, what makes them not be attached, especially in a kitchen, is the flooring Unless you are planning to replace your cabinet layout exactly as is, the chances are good that you're going to have a missing spot of floor somewhere, so plan to add a new floor when doing a kitchen project That way you'll get the design and the finished product you're looking for When opening up the walls, and getting into the structure of a remodeling project The best plan of action, is to expect the unexpected Because once you are in there, you can find anything from a leaky drain pipe to termites

The good news is, you are going to get to that and find it before it becomes a really, really big problem The bad news is, you do have to deal with it Which why choosing a contactor who can handle both the technical aspects and the budget aspects of that kind of discovery, is really important So choose someone you can trust and who can understand what is going on and that way you can get your house put back together, like nothing ever happened Remodeling your home can be amazingly rewarding

And if you are ready for those little unexpected surprises along the way, you'll be sure to have the home that you've been dreaming about for your family To find out how much this and other projects cost, or to connect with a contractor Check out the Cost Guide at HomeAdvisorcom

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