Monday, 18 January 2021

Discovery Center and Ridgefield Library sponsor Secrets of Renovating or Building a Super Sustainable Home

The Discovery Center at Ridgefield and the Ridgefield Library, 472 Main Street, are offering a public about Energy Efficient Homes on September 20 at 7 P.M. Learn how modern science now allows the building or renovation of homes to become more energy efficient and provide a healthier environment for your family.

Sick of your oil bills or wishing to reduce your carbon footprint,¬†come learn how building science can help make your home more¬†energy efficient.¬† With some renovations, you can make your¬†energy bills more affordable.¬† Or for the more ambitious, design¬†your next home to make it a Green Home like the one pictured¬†above.¬† Mike Trolle from BPC Green Builders and Elizabeth¬†DiSalvo, Trillium Architects will discuss energy considerations in¬†building or remodeling a home to make it “greener”.¬† A Green

home doesn’t have to be expensive and can be wonderfully¬†comfortable.

The program is Co-Sponsored with the Ridgefield Library and R.A.C.E. The program is free. Registration is required at


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