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5 Top Remodeling Trends for 2018

This is proving to be another strong year for remodeling. And while some trends are carrying over from last year, technology, millennial dollars and a healthy economy are driving some standout demands in 2018. This year, sustainable materials, universal design, natural elements and outdoor living are dominating the home renovation trajectory.

1. Outdoor living

Outdoor kitchens are a top remodeling priority for 2018. Outdoor kitchens fit in with the greater trend toward exterior remodeling and landscaping projects. Now that we can carry our movies, TV shows, books and news in our pockets, we are free to wander away from the couch and indulge in both sunshine and entertainment at the same time. And this has us shifting some of our remodeling energy — and dollars — to the outdoors. Other popular accommodations include outdoor-rated TVs, speakers and eating areas to create an extended livable space.

2. Workhorse kitchens

In 2018, homeowners are really putting their kitchens to work. Open concepts continue to dominate so that activity in the home can be centralized. And smart technology is quickly becoming a must in kitchen remodeling. Dedicated work areas, hidden charging stations, creative new storage options and integrated appliances are maximizing every corner of the kitchen — and making more counter space for notebooks, school projects and laptops.

3. Bigger bathrooms

Bathroom remodels are popular year after year. But as homeowners move toward remodeling for aging in place and universal design, they’re sending bathroom size high up the priority list. Bigger, more accessible bathrooms are in demand, and bathroom additions are on the decline. Demand for large walk-in showers is continuing to trend from last year — both because they increase accessibility and safety and because they add an element of luxury.

4. Sustainable everything

Designers and homeowners agree: Sustainability is becoming the new standard for remodeling and materials. The millennial generation is really driving this trend, as they’ve put a strong focus on renewable resources and green materials. Folded into this trend are energy-efficient home features and appliances, locally sourced and/or eco-friendly materials, and even home automation.

5. Au naturel

Natural elements have always been a popular part of interior design. However, with material and production technology improving, the opportunities to incorporate these elements have multiplied. Tiles can now mimic the look of wood and stone without the price tag and maintenance associated with the real thing. Wood plank tile is in high demand as a flooring option, as well as for other surfaces. And faux marble is being used to elevate remodels at a more affordable rate.

It’s easy to see trends as cyclical, but this year, it’s clear that technology is driving the remodeling industry in a fresh direction. Manufacturers can not only create more options and natural looks than ever before, but they can also adapt materials to be more efficient for new uses. Smart devices and home automation are simplifying life and increasing home efficiency. And green building technology is changing the way we think about our material sources and building practices.


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