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Garage Home Improvements Floor to Ceiling

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Hey Mark here with Discover Your Home Thank you again for joining me this evening and tonight I want to talk to you about remodeling or kind of renovating your garage and what can you do, a couple suggestions you can do, and some things that we've done for our customers that make a difference in their lives because I think when we're doing work in our customers home we're trying to make it more convenient more family-friendly for themselves so let's start at the kind of the starting point of the tip of the spear of what we're gonna recommend starting then work our way kind of through a finished garage Okay so let's say you got a garage right now I'm gonna I'm gonna imagine your garage is my garage okay usually what we see in homes that were built in the 90s and early 2000s garages or drywall fire taped and what fire tape means is that they just drywall tape all the seams and everything for code they don't get real fancy on it, it's just it's just enough okay so what we want to do is clean up that drywall tape I'm gonna tell you right now unless you love drywall taping which most people don't and even some people in the professions don't even love doing it I would hire a professional to do that one okay you know just you know ask for ask and this is usually directed to us men out here and I'll tell you why because most of the time garages are really the guys kind of little getaway place you know for them to knock around, smoke their cigars or drink beer or watch you know the Cubs game with with their friends I've seen it trust me I've seen all types of garages and they're pretty much all the same depending upon if you're a sports enthusiast or you're a car enthusiast usually you'll find that it's the husband or the husband in the relationship that's spending most of his time in the garage so we're gonna freshen up that garage we're gonna get the drywall cleaned up we're gonna use a good primer on there to seal it up and then we're gonna use a high quality latex meanwhile we don't see too many we're going to use the high quality semi-gloss paint, a couple coats on the walls You can probably do one on the ceiling One color two coats keep it simple really brightening up

The semi-gloss I recommend for washability more than anything in that vein let's quickly possibly throw some really cheap baseboard around the edges, caulk it so we don't get any mice in there and caulk it down to the concrete that will look really kind of give it more of a finished look cleaning up the edges So you got the drywall cleaned up, you got it painted now, let's go let's talk a little bit about lighting I'll tell you what there's some great products out there LED is definitely a way to go It gives you a lot of light, very bright, doesn't use a lot of energy, a little bit more expensive as far as purchasing the fixture

I was just at my dad's house about a month ago and he had a really – LED I'm gonna lack of a better term call it – a flood lamp Unbelievable, I could not believe how much light those two fixtures gave off and he has a three-car garage so gives off a lot of light Keep it simple, its cost-effective over time a little bit pricier at the front end but highly recommend it Now if you decide you want to do something that actually is kind of cost-effective it may not seem like it up front but actually over time it certainly will be because it gives you light is those the solar tubes But you can only use them if you have a just an attic above and a solar tube is basically kind of globe on top of the roof it's got a pipe running down to a lens on the bottom and the light reflects in there when the sun is up and it's really kind of cool and can run you a little bit of money but there again there's no electric and I've not found one to leak up to this point so pretty interesting

You might want to investigate that also while you're there and you're doing all this lighting let's get in the attic there and put a couple lights up there I guarantee you the inside of your attic looks like the inside of my attic when I when I purchased my home you go up in there and you find that they got that one little cheap ceramic holder with a bulb in it So put some more lighting in there if you like to have that extra storage area there Definitely goes a long way and it's already wired up there All you need to do is just go ahead and change out a fixture

Put something in there it's gonna give you a little bit more light okay let's talk attic stairs, a lot of times when homes have been built it's just this big old square panel that goes up into your roof, into your ceiling up in the garage you may have to relocate it but go buy yourself a nice set of attic stairs put them in you, can do it yourself, it's pretty simple, a little time-consuming I'm gonna recommend getting kind of a heavy-duty rated one Usually I think the highest rated one you can buy at the local store like Home Depot I think it's like 300 pounds and you're saying yourself well Mark I'm not 300 pounds, well you might be 300 pounds but when you're carrying something up the ladder, so just you know what I find is that it's one of those times that the beefier the the better Okay now let's move down from the attic down to the floor and let's think about doing some sort of floor coating system Now you can do something on your own you can walk in the store purchase a water-based epoxy they've got polyurethane, you know water-based poly urethanes you can throw over the top of it those work nice if the floor is really prepped well we can talk about that at a later time but I'm gonna I'm gonna recommend possibly going to the to the epoxy or polyaspartic coating systems that is a kind of a professional thing that you're gonna see out there very showroom very professional finish they have those tools and they know how to handle the the problems in the concrete better than you do because they do it all the time highly recommend that I never had a costumer say there were not happy with the results, I've always heard glowing glowing results from my customers when we haven't done in their homes okay repurposing old kitchen cabinets or say the neighbor down the streets for you you know remodeling his kitchen and he feels guilty that he's thrown out these these cabinets that are 20-25 years old there's really nothing wrong with okay let's repurpose them stick them in the garage or go out and find there are some cost-effective systems out there that you can put in place that maybe are water resistant and give it kind of a more of a you know maybe sports appeal feel or maybe a car enthusiast appeal those are some avenues you can go with and then finally round it off with if you really like to spend time out in the garage especially here in the northern half of the United States you know hang out smoke cigars play cards with the guys watch the occasional football game or baseball game stick a garage heater in there and I and I'm not talking a plug-in model you know it really would make sense for it you can put a thermostat with a gas or electric heater in there it can get a little pricey depending upon how it's gonna what it's going to take to get the supply of electric or gas to there but that is definitely I would leave that one up to professionals also so hopefully that is some help to you guys and enjoy your garage

Thanks again I'm Mark with Discover Your Home and have yourself a great weekend thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover Your hHme with your host Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodelingcom, that's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook @LotzRemodeling We'll catch you next time!

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