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DIY Projects or Hiring a Contractor | Home Remodeling Contractors in Naperville IL

[ music & intro ] DIY Projects or Hiring a Contractor Hey everybody! Mark Lotz here with Discover Your Home

Share with your friends We are going to give you some information here tonight If there is anything we can do to answer questions on issues you having with your home or having with folks doing work in your home, give us a shout Let us know if we can answer anything that you might have challenges with So starting tonight, we want to talk a little bit about when you want to do projects on your home yourself, you a kind of do it yourself

But when is it the time to pick up the phone and get that professional a call? Uhm you know I would probably say in my 30 year career, I have probably been in at least 500 homes a year, so I get a lot of folks that are out there and I get a lot folks that want to do things themselves But there are some things they can’t do, they just physically can’t do or they don’t have the equipment to or just kind of beyond their scope of what they can handle, so hey I am a real big believer if you like doing it yourself if you like doing the painting if you like doing carpentry you want to install those cabinets, you doing a little bit of electrical work you putting in some new lights and you love doing that listen go right ahead and get it done, if you love to do it, one of my favorite clients was a doctor, an obstetrician, and he loved to garden that was one of the things when his time was off he would be in the garden and when he retired he went to work at a nursery and just loved doing it for next to nothing Sometimes you find that passion in things you do around the house So if you love doing it great but I am kind of talking to some of you folks that may not necessarily love doing it or realize there’s a lot more involved than just getting some things done at your home, so between specific knowledge, equipment, material, patience so a lot of folks don’t necessarily know to do certain projects, say it is a painting project or maybe you installing some cabinets things that kind of fall along that line Let me tell you a quick story

We did the project probably about 6 years ago and it was kind of a project we did for a customer that wanted to remodel their kitchen, and he had a lot of the mechanical trades people like the plumber, the electrician, the HVAC guys he wanted to handle that part and we were going to handle the aspect of really the kind of the face of it, the cabinets painting the countertops and everything, so I agreed with them, I said listen we will do the project with you because he had been my customer for over 10 years and he had asked if we would come and do this project with him, so I said no problem because it is joy to work with him and his wife and it was kind of funny because they said now here just understand one thing we are going to come to a kind of crossroad and what is going to happen is something’s going to come up that you and I can’t foresee in fact what we had done in this project when we were removing the soffits, before we even started the project, we opened up the soffits to look in there to see if anything was going on and we didn’t see anything so we like fantastic let’s get going so we got cabinets ordered, everything is kind of ordered and we start doing the demo on his house and we come to find out there is this big old cast iron drainpipe where it shouldn’t be and it was kind of funny because he really panicked and didn’t know what do and I said well let’s take a look at what we have here, we got a problem we can move the pipe or we can keep it in place and I said we will have to probably go a different avenue so I told him realistically that it took a $4,000 challenge to a $400 challenge, we could move the pipe or we would have to call the cabinet company up and say is there a way that you can modify the cabinets that you are building for us to make the project happen so he said it was great to have you here to help out cause there was something that he wasn’t expecting and occasionally we have those situations where we are going to run into the unexpected so in the end we get problem solved it was a modification cabinet and the cabinet company was absolutely wonderful to work with and they decided hey we are not going to charge you for it the cabinets weren’t in complete production so they modified the cabinet for my customer and made it happen And why I tell you that story it is sometimes doesn’t hurt to pick up the phone and call that professional you know here is the thing they are highly skilled individuals, your plumbers, your HVAC, electricians and carpenters, they have been in certain situations that you have never been before, they have the absolute necessary tools to handle a tough situation they are not surprised by it so I kind of believe, this is the rule I like to leave with folks, don’t do anything that can burn your house down, flood your house or asphyxiate you because you don't know how to run a HVAC system, if you operate off of that if anything is going to do major damage to your house I always tell folks that if you don’t feel confident doing that, that may be just setting a new toilet if you don’t feel confident it would behove you to go ahead and pick up that phone and make the call to that professional You know it comes down sometimes to also to budget and if you don’t necessarily love to do the work what I would recommend is, I always tell folks save your money for when the time comes to do that small remodeling project or you going to put some cabinets here and you don’t feel comfortable with it, if you don’t have the money then save it till tomorrow and find someone that is incredibly qualified to do the project, you will be happier in the long run It really can be worth the wait, so I want to thank you again for joining me

I am Mark and this is Discover Your Home Enjoy your wonderful evening and see you guys next week Thanks [ wwwLotzRemodeling

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