Thursday, 22 October 2020

Custom Home Remodeling Contractors in Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ

My name is Mike Christensen, I’m the owner of Peak One Builders and today we’re going to talk about whole house remodels or extensive remodels to your home or a home that you have just purchased We really specialize in coming into your house and remodeling your whole house at one time especially if you’ve bought it (sic) bought a house that really needs to be updated and you haven’t moved into the house yet, or if you’re living in the house now and you’ve decided to move out of the house and do an extensive remodel

And we really specialize in working with people who have second homes, people that aren’t going to (sic) be there at the house during the entire process We have an excellent communication plan to help bring you from states away back to your project there at your house while we’re doing the entire remodel A lot of more of your more extensive whole house type remodel are obviously incorporating kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, whether it’s 1 bathroom 2 bathrooms, and a lot of those designs, really the basic stuff that’s being changed out in addition to those things are flooring You’re changing out the flooring in the entire house; you’re repainting the entire house A lot of people are also transforming different rooms in their houses if they’re not using them all and turning them into a wine cellar

Another popular trend is taking a bedroom that they’re not using and turning it into a home theater room People like to incorporate different mediums such as brick and stone- very popular on walls whether it’s a fireplace, like the one behind us, an entertainment center And it doesn’t always have to be on the face of it, a lot of people are doing insets where they’re doing brick in the back of the inset, or the back of the niche Again more of a comprehensive remodel, people are remodeling their kitchen, they’re making them more of a gourmet eat-in type kitchen where you’re not necessarily having a formal dining room but you’re incorporating more of a nook, or a less formal of a dining room that’s really right off of the kitchen Expanding kitchens, making them a little bit more open

A lot of times people are going with 2 islands, which is very popular nowadays Different colors to the cabinets, not just a monochromatic feel to a kitchen nowadays, it’s very popular to go with a different color for your island, a different color of countertop, or type of countertop for your island, and then incorporating updated lighting As far as total timeframe that you’re looking at to complete your whole house remodel or your extensive remodel, you’ve got to consider the design phase to that, whether that’s kitchen design, bathroom design, incorporating the overall flooring scheme into that design- you know that process usually takes about 30 days before we can actually get into the construction phase of it And depending on what we’re doing may require a permit before we can actually get started on the work And then once the work starts your typical extensive remodel like the ones we’ve been talking about are typically more of your 90 to 120 day projects where (sic) and if you’re living out of town that’s where we kind of specialize in; being able to communicate through different types of technologies, whether it’s email, updated Google drive type of product, where we can communicate with you on a daily basis where you can check in to see your product (sic) and see pictures and videos and be able to communicate what we’re doing on a daily basis to achieve your dream

Typically when you come to us we’re going to start out in what’s considered a conceptual phase We’re going to try and figure out what room’s you’re looking to remodel, what your overall budget is, if you’re looking to incorporate an interior designer- which we’ve got different designers that we work with and we definitely recommend it to really help with your overall design That conceptual and design phase is about 30 days, maybe a little bit longer when picking different types of fixtures and things of that nature The kitchen design will play a big portion of that and it may take a little bit longer to get that phase selected, but often times we’re able to start the project while still having some obvious selections that you may not have figured out at that time We also specialize in working with people with disabilities or people that have special needs; increasing the doorways in their houses to make them wider to get through- Doing things such as lowering countertops

We specialize in making showers roll in to where if you’re in a wheelchair we can make that space more accessible Things such as grab bars, fold down seats, hand held showers, really that’s going to help you be able to live the life that you have to live If these things that we’ve been talking about today seem to fit your needs, we’d love to give you a free consultation You can contact us at 480 481 5150 or you can visit our website at wwwpeakonebuilders


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