Thursday, 26 November 2020

Budgeting for a Home Remodel – Good Bones – HGTV

– I'm Mina I'm Karen

Every project has a budget And there's definitely moments where you need to save and where you need to splurge And some investments just pay off better than others I'm definitely, historically, the saver I'll tell you what, $1,000 for the steps

$1,000! I'll give you $300 And a high five [laugh] So hopefully, we're going to be able to give you some tips on where to say, where to spend, or maybe where you can meet in the middle There are certain things like granite– spend a little bit of money on granite But you can get a really affordable sink

You don't have to spend a grand on a sink Same thing with a faucet You can get a nice, big arched faucet for a couple hundred dollars Flooring is the other big budget item You can spend $50 per square foot on flooring or you can spend $0

59 We're actually huge fans of laminate There's some really beautiful laminates now And they resist everything Really? The way I decided what I was putting in my house is– – 23 of us? – Yes

Seriously – I got five size samples– some were hardwood, some were laminates– and I literally took my car keys to them What? The laminate won You can get a really good, real-looking laminate nowadays for under $2 a square foot and save some money there But real wood is beautiful

And it does look different from laminate So if you want to splurge on a real wood floor, well, that's where your splurge should be And you should think about whether you can re-do something rather than replace it Repaint your cabinets A lot of kitchen cabinets, there's nothing wrong with them except they're dated or they're worn

You can sand them and paint them and they look brand new It's just all about balancing You have to spend the big bucks now and then to get something in the house that you really love and for resale, but when it comes down to it, we are who we are and I like to save I like to splurge

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