Wednesday, 3 March 2021

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hey how are you Nick Bonadies with Beckworth and I'm Pat sours and we wanted to talk to you today about roofing we had a great meeting today with GAF who's our roofing supplier some of the best made products made right here in America and wanted to talk to you real quick about right now we've had the storm damage that happened a few weeks ago and what is happening is there's a lot of companies going door-to-door knocking on doors and stuff like that and these are not companies that are local they're companies that come into the area and essentially chasing the storms and what they end up doing is they use inferior products to try to maximize their profits on the projects I just wanted to kind of make you aware that to keep an eye out for that yeah well you know the big problem is is they're here today and gone tomorrow we know not everybody's gonna use Beckworth but we want you to use a local company that has a Virginia class a contractor's license and insurance not only insurance for their employees but insurance if someone's get injured on your property we don't want you to get ripped off we want you to be protected and the other thing too is you want a company that's going to be around that's local that's gonna take care of warranty if it happens a year five ten years or 15 years or plus down the line yeah the GAF product that we install actually has a lifetime warranty on it and we're gonna be around you guys have know me I'm principal county my entire life Nick's been here for 25 years doing this so we're not going anywhere so if you want give us a call we'll hook you up or if not make sure you lose it use another local vendor anyway good luck have a great day wonderful day bye-bye

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