Monday, 18 January 2021

Baltimore Bathroom Remodeling – Client Testimonial

Well, I found them through HomeAdvisor They gave four names and I contacted the four companies

The most expensive had a "D"rating with Better Business Bureaus I ruled them out immediately (Native Sons) they were very close priced to another company but the way they presented the whole operation–the way they went through everything–the way they stayed on top of everything–it was a good choice they did a terrific job I've got no questions Any concern I had they addressed immediately Well originally it's a small bathroom we've had a tub and a toilet in it and we had some water damage that we thought was coming from behind the wall We decided, "Well, might as well just rehab the whole place so they tore out the toilet, they tore out the tub, tore out the walls, replaced the floor, built the pan for the shower, retiled everything for the walk in shower

It took them six days The guy that did it worked his tail off He did a really great job He stayed one night till nine thirty We actually fed him dinner

I'm Joe Gruver and I'm in Arnold just outside Annapolis and as I said, I'm very happy–they did a great job

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