Thursday, 3 December 2020

6 Things You Should Know Before Remodeling Your House | Southern Living

I think when they're considering, you know, purchasing a house to remodel, I think that, you know, look at the outside, see if there are cracks in the foundation And then inside, look at doorways, are they out of square because the house has settled in a particular place? You know, and if it's a pier and beam house, the fix is typically less expensive than if it's on a slab

Like this year's idea house, and you want to relocate the bathroom or kitchen, it can be really costly A lot of the times when they add space to an existing house or they remodel it, if it's done poorly, it's really hard sometimes to correct that A contingency's a good idea With remodeling there's always unknowns You always want to have a contingency in there of, you know, 5, 10%

I think some of, if they haven't gone through the experience before, they're reluctant to get a designer or an architect involved It's a lot easier to generate ideas on paper and then assign a budget to it than it is if they're just ideas that, you know, you kind of make it up as you go along The impact that the HGTV type shows have on us is that we have clients that come, and they expect that they're gonna have their bathroom remodeled in three days, or have a full remodel done in four months (chuckles) Those shows really do give expectations that aren't realistic, about budget and timing There's a great book out there, remodeling book

Oh, The Emotional Homeowner Yeah, I think I would encourage everybody– It's great To read that before you do a project (lively guitar music)

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