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Tips to Consider for a Bathroom Renovation

Tips to Consider for a Bathroom Renovation

So you want to renovate your bathroom. You are probably thinking that the current look is bringing inconveniences or it is just simply out of fashion. Sometimes the number of people in your house has increased and you need to add more space to accommodate them. Whatever the reasons you have for a bathroom remodel, there are several things you need to consider before you even start the process of a bedroom renovation.

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  1. Draw a Budget

Renovating a bathroom is a very big expense. It is going to cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars and that is no meager sum of money. You have to draw a viable budget if you want to get through this one easily. Draw down all you need down and assign an expense cost for each and every one of it. This will help you to get an approximate cost of the entire renovation and you can decide whether you are capable of affording it.

  1. Choosing The Floor

You should know that the bathroom floor is one of the most crucial components of a bathroom. Your comfort inside a bathroom will be heavily affected by the floor you choose. Making a decision between getting a wooden floor or a tiled floor can be rather hard. Both have their advantages over the other. Wooden floors are not slippery as tiled floors and they bring a great vintage design to the bathroom. Tiled floors on the other hand are easy to clean and bring the classy bright design. The entire decision on the type of floor to install is entirely on you but you have to measure the pros and cons of the two.

  1. Positioning The Toilet

One of the most awkward positions a human being experiences is when they are on the toilet seat. Can you imagine going into the bathroom and facing a person right on the toilet seat doing their business. This can be awkward and it is therefore very important to know where the toilet seat should be positioned to avoid such situations. A toilet seat should not face the bathroom door. Have it positioned exactly ninety degrees to the door and several feet away from the door.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors in the bathroom play a very crucial role. You have to know that the way you place mirrors in a bathroom will affect the way that light interacts with the room. A bathroom should be adequately lit and placing your mirrors in the right angles will make sure that light will be able to reflect all through the bathroom. Mirrors should be placed at a ninety degrees angle to the window.

  1. Consider Lighting

Lighting can shake the mood in a room and you should consider doing this in the right way so that the ambience whenever someone is in the bathroom is appropriate. One of the best ways to do this is to light up the new bathroom is by fitting it with bright lighting. The bathroom is a place where people go to inspect their dressing and hair and they need enough light to correct and check these. Add more light bulbs all around the room and each with switches so that only the needed lighting can be on at a certain time. You can also fit your lighting with a dimming switch just in case you need to calm the mood and you need that relaxation.

  1. Remodeling The Walls

The walls are the final chapter in the construction of a bathroom. Walls add the needed beauty in the bathroom and the design and finishing of this should be done perfectly. You can decide to tile it up, plaster it or even install a marble wall. However, you should know that the type of material you should use on your wall entirely depends on your taste and budget.

  1. Consider Doing It On Your Own

You are the person who knows what you want for your bathroom. A DIY approach is better since you can possibly correct all the features you never liked in the previous bathroom. This approach can also save you a lot of money in terms of labor costs and you will feel satisfied about yourself. You should however know that sometimes a DIY approach can cost you more than it would if you had hired a professional contractor to do it for you.

  1. Save Up On Space

The bathroom is allocated a very small space so it is very advisable to save whatever space you can. Consider adding more drawers, cabinets and hooks so you can fully utilize the available space efficiently.



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