Monday, 23 November 2020

ASUN discusses mid-year tuition raise, plans to remodel Nebraska Union

President Hunter Traynor discussed the Board of Regents’ decision to allow NU President Hank Bounds to raise mid-year tuition during the first meeting for the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska Wednesday.

The Board’s decision in June gave Bounds the power to raise tuition should the Governor’s Office choose to cut the university’s budget mid-year.

Although this decision was difficult to make, Traynor said the Board’s decision was necessary.

“Given the financial state of the university, it would be impossible for the university to make up the funding lost by a mid-year cut via administration cuts,” Traynor said. “The board saw this as an unfortunate but pragmatic effort to keep the university afloat. Of course, that’s not wanted at all, and we’ll do whatever we can to advocate against the budget cut.”

ASUN also discussed a piece of legislation regarding ASUN recruitment and vote for a senate member to serve on the appointment board for Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Sen. Mia Hernandez was the only senate member nominated to be on the appointment board for ESC. After a short speech, she was unanimously nominated.

Additionally, senators approved Government Bill 6, which allowed ASUN to conduct house announcements and distribute flyers to promote open positions in student government.

This bill passed with an amendment to ensure ASUN will also host a booth at East Campus to promote the positions. These flyers will be given out at two booths at the Nebraska Union on Tuesday, Aug. 28, and Thursday, Aug. 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and at one booth at the East Campus Union on Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Traynor also took time out of the meeting to update the senate body on the summer Board of Regents meeting and other projects he was a part of over summer.

He said the executive team has been working with the Nebraska Union to brainstorm ideas to remodel the Nebraska Union. Traynor said this project is new and current students at UNL may not see the remodel.

The goal of the remodel is to make the union a better place for students to have an area to interact with each other.

“I don’t think the union works in a way that’s productive for a lot of students,” said external vice president Jeffrey Owusu-Ansah. “I don’t think a lot of people can make friends here. I don’t think people use the union the way it’s supposed to be.”

Additionally, the Board of Regents also approved a $75 million allocation to renovate Scott Engineering Center and approved a slight budget increase for the East Campus Union.

Committee chairs said their committees are beginning to work on different projects for the year. The Government Liaison Committee will host an event on Sept. 11 to encourage students to remember 9/11, and the Graduate Student Association will host a career planning workshop for international students to help them prepare for their future on Thursday, Aug. 30.

The next senate meeting will be on Wednesday, Aug. 29, in the Nebraska East Union.


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