Friday, 23 October 2020

Tips on Making A Home Move-In Ready

Today on Talking Texoma, Vivian Kirkpatrick of Domain Real Estate talks with host Shana Jackson about what to do if your new home isn’t quite move-in ready.

Vivian tells us that there is not a lot of inventory in Texoma for home buyers these days, but you can get into an older home with great bone in an older neighborhood and start making changes. She says to lighten up the home with a fresh coat of paint. Vivian also says to pull up the carpet and continues with you would be amazed on how many of these old homes have beautiful hardwood floors under there. Just do some little things to the home and you would be amazed at the changes it makes.

You can walk into an older home and think it is not for me, but with a little inspiration you could create the home you want it to be, your dream home. If you have a larger budget you can take some walls down. Vivian states that older homes are more traditional, so create an open effect.

Vivian says, “if your budget allows I think kitchens and bathrooms are a huge improvement to any home”. If your budget does not allow for a total renovation she recommends painting the cabinets or change the countertops.

If you’re looking for that great house but don’t know what to do with it, call Vivian Kirkpatrick at Domain Real Estate today.

Vivian Kirkpatrick


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