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How a couple used Airtasker to complete a four-week home renovation

Owners of a workplace training consultancy and parents to three young children, Michael Peart and Bianca Schimizzi, have just completed a breathtaking four-week property flip – all in their spare time.

The hard-working couple, and parents to eight-year-old twins Henry and Jude and four-year-old Coco, made an offer on the 1970s four-bedroom beach house in June, with the goal of renovating it and putting it back on the market in less than a month.

As the property is just 10 minutes from the shops and foreshore of Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, Michael and Bianca knew they could create a spectacular transformation, similar to those they love to watch on television shows like The Block.

A before shot of the exterior.

An after shot of the exterior. 

“While this was the first time we had tried property flipping, Bianca and I do have experience in purchasing land and building new homes to sell. We learned a lot from this time-consuming building and managing process, so we were ready for a new challenge.”

As soon as Michael and Bianca’s offer was accepted on the property, they set about making plans and getting organised for the flip.

“During the settlement period, we wrote down everything we needed to do to the house and a detailed timeline of when it would happen; from demolition through to property styling.

“Once the offer was accepted, we chose and ordered kitchen cabinets from a local firm … just 600 metres from the house. We were always upfront with suppliers and tradies about what we were trying to achieve, so everyone was clear on our deadlines. Working face-to-face with local businesses made this process easier too.

A before shot of the open-plan living spaces. 

An after shot of the open-plan living spaces. 

“We immediately advertised on Airtasker for skilled labourers and helpers. We hired all local tradies who didn’t know each other at the start of the project, but were mates by the end of this intense period of working on site together.”

Michael and Bianca organised for around five Airtasker tradies with complementary skills to be on site each day and their highly organised planning and scheduling meant that on the whole, the project ran smoothly.

“We did have one stuff up in the kitchen, as our measurements were slightly out of whack for the plumbing of the sink. As we were using a local install company, they were able to help by shuffling the units around a little. We were pretty pleased with just one mistake in such a demanding project.”

The stunning move-in ready home has been given a fresh, “modern Australian” look, while retaining the character and warm texture of exposed beams and brick that is typical of many homes on the Peninsula.

A before shot of the kitchen. 

An after shot of the kitchen. 

“You can see from the before and after photos the extent of the work we completed. The bespoke kitchen, refitted laundry and bathrooms, flooring upgrade and renewed plumbing and electrical. Outside we landscaped the garden, fitted a new fence and facade with silver top ash cladding to finish the transformation.

“Bianca’s innate sense of style and keen interest in home design helped us to create a warm, inviting look, and we couldn’t be happier with how it went.”

Working to a tight deadline was a steep learning curve for Michael and Bianca but they learned a lot and hope to flip a property again soon.

A before shot of one of the four bedrooms.

An after shot of one of the four bedrooms.

“For anyone else planning a property flip, we certainly have a few tips. Using Airtasker to hire tradies was so convenient when time was of the essence, as was using local suppliers. We run our own business, so it was fortunate for us that we were able to set up a trestle table on site and work on our laptops from there. If I wasn’t on site however, I was always available by phone, email or in person to answer tradies’ questions, which is imperative if you want to keep the project moving along.”

“When it comes to saving money as well as time, we kept plumbing in the same locations in both the kitchen and the bathrooms – and we also used a lot of our own furniture and accessories for the styling. We might be eating from our outdoor setting at home currently, but it will be absolutely worth it if the property sells for its estimated price at the end of the month.”  

19 George Street, Rye is being offered by Indigo Property Marketing for auction on July 28, 2018 unless sold prior. To find out more, contact real estate agent Danielle Anderson.


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