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Fall 2018 Renovation Trends You Can’t Miss This Season

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Whether you just purchased your first home or you’ve been living comfortably in your house for years, you may have the desire to start renovating your property. With the countless number of design websites and ideas, it may be challenging to choose what will work best for your home. Finding the right design could take many hours of research.

If you need a little inspiration, here are a few renovation trends you can’t miss this season.

Sliding Interior Doors

Homeowners are forgoing the traditional hinged door for interior sliding doors. These doors take up less space and showcase clean lines.

They not only create separation between spaces, they add an element of design and structure. They don’t have to be placed in entryways – use them to separate other large spaces in your home or even use them as closet doors. Sliding interior doors can also be a budget-friendly way to really revamp a living space in any area of your home.

Vibrant Bathroom Tile

Many homeowners are trying to add a bit of vibrancy to every area of their home including the bathroom tile. This is another cost-effective way to add character and pizazz to your bathroom floor or walls.

Tiles come in almost any shape, size and color. You can put your mark on your bathroom by just adding a little splash of design or color to the tile.

Paneled Refrigerator

Does your refrigerator ever feel like an eyesore? If so, you may want to consider installing a paneled refrigerator. Choosing to go with a paneled refrigerator allows it to blend in with the rest of your kitchen. It adds a sleek and classic look to the most basic of kitchens. It’s a perfect way to add style and modernization without sacrificing your design.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Whatever your budget may be, adding an element of the outdoors can make you feel renewed and refreshed. You can bring nature inside in many ways, by using neutral tones, installing larger windows to let the light in, or simply adding a new plant to the corner of your room.

Style Mash-Up

Gone are the days where a homeowner got stuck with one design style. Now homeowners are mixing and matching all sorts of styles to create their ideal home décor.

By selecting various elements of your favorite traditional designs, you can create your own personalized style. From the furniture you select to the paint on the walls, creating your own style can make you feel like your own interior designer.


From copper walls to brass fixtures, homeowners are adding different metal elements to every living space in their homes. Metal showcases a clean and sleek design.

If you don’t feel comfortable adding a metal wall or flooring to your home, you can try adding furniture with metal accents. This can give you the look and feel of the trend without a large financial or permanent commitment.


Technology advancements have made our lives easier in so many ways. Why not make your life easier at home as well? From controlling the thermostat from your phone to clapping your hands and turning off the lights, technology is changing the way homeowners connect with their property. There are countless technology upgrades you could make. Determine what you can afford and upgrade your home based on your technology preferences.

Stand-Alone Showers and Tubs

Claw-foot tubs have gotten a new lustrous design. Built-in tubs and showers are now a thing of the past. Stand-alone showers and tubs add a new architectural design that can add a wow factor to any master bath.

Concrete Accents

This fall, you’ll no longer just see concrete on sidewalks and in construction zones – you’ll see it in many homes. Using concrete for flooring or kitchen countertops adds a sense of simplicity to any design. Not only can you use concrete on your floors and countertops, but many design stores are coming out with geometric concrete tiles.

Black and White Designs

Old photos are no longer one of the only places you’ll find black and white colors this fall. Homeowners are choosing to forgo color for a simplistic contrast using black and white. Painting spaces white gives you a blank canvas for creating your ideal living area. This concept is also very easy to execute – you don’t have to worry about searching for exact color tones!

‘70s Retro Design

Another blast from the past is the use of retro furniture and design in new-age living spaces. The mix of old and new is a hip and playful way to design any room in your house. Think about ‘70s-chic light fixtures or maybe even a shag rug if you don’t want to be too adventurous. Try using velvet textures or geometric patterns.

Vintage Lighting

Along with adding a retro flair to your new home, you may want to consider spicing up your dining room lighting fixture. Selecting a chandelier with vintage appeal could make it a topic of conversation at every gathering!

Floral Patterns

Believe it or not, wallpaper is back in style. Floral accent walls add a pop of color to any room. If you’re worried about getting tired of your wallpaper design, you could add floral blankets or pillows to any sitting room. This can give you the same style with a little less commitment. If you’ve ever spent hours stripping wallpaper, you may want to stick to a simple floral accent!

The Bottom Line

There’s no limit on the amount of creativity you can bring to your home this fall. Think outside the box and add different textures, colors and elements into your home. Keep in mind you can still explore simple renovations on a budget. Your renovations don’t have to be extravagant. Your home is your sanctuary to rest and relax, so make it your own to truly enjoy.

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