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Hey everybody, Mark here with Discover Your Home Thank you again for joining us Tonight let's talk about staircases and what we're seeing as far as people and what they want to do to change the look of their home It's a great way, especially in the entry of your home Most of the time, your staircase is in your entry or your foyer of your home, sometimes they run across the back side of your home

So there's a there's a lot of different things you can do So let's first talk about some of the components of a stair I'm going to try to best describe what we've got going on Okay, so there are roughly about a half dozen or so parts to a staircase So let me talk to you about them in order

So obviously you have your rails which is your handrail and then your bottom rail That's where your next part which is your balusters and your newel post the balusters or spindle is that skinny little piece of wood or metal that runs that kind of gives it a decorative look to your staircase The newel post is the kind of the larger post at the end You know it's placed every so so many feet Probably six feet – that kind of stabilizes your stair so it's bigger

We'll just call it a larger balusters but that's called the newel post Okay so we've talked about rails, we talked about balusters or spindles depending upon how you describe them, newel post then let's talk about the really the stair part of the of your staircase So you've got the two sides that run up on most staircases, those are called stringers Okay and then you have the face that goes up it's called a riser And then you have this piece of wood or the surface you step on that is called the tread

So it's a stringer to your sides, the riser goes up – it's simple because a stair is rising and a tread where you're walking So that's your components of your staircase there so you know not everybody knows that You'd be surprised in how many folks do and do not know what the parts are so when we're talking about this you you know I'm a big believer in the more informed you are, the better decisions you can make okay so now we know our components are so what are our choices as far as what we can do to change the look of our staircase? We've done complete tear outs and that's where we're going to find we want to change the overall look of the staircase to change maybe the wood structure like going from a lot of what we have taken out is usually like red oak and we're replacing it with a maple or a cherry or something that's a different type of wood when it's stained or painted so it's got a little bit different look Also we're we're going to be changing up the balusters where we go from a wood to a metal or just a different wood so there's a lot but you're talking thousands and tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to with replacing a pull/a complete tear out and replace because a lot of times in homes today we have to tear out all of the risers, the treads, and the stringers We did a two-story project in the City of Chicago last year and it was it was pretty awesome it was definitely something that the homeowner had wanted to change completely because it was a much older home and she really kind of want to make it make it look much more contemporary and fit the house so that's kind of the the biggest fish there so that you know you can do that and it looks great but expect to pay like I said you're in the thousands to tens of thousand dollars and definitely in that respect unless you a master carpenter I'm going to tell you right now you're definitely going to want to hire a professional to do the layout and installation you will you will be incredibly surprised on how talented and how well and they can put that together in such a short period of time and usually layout is a key in it

Okay so let's move on to a couple other options that we're seeing out there A lot of times our customers will want to just change something either the handrail or the balusters And usually more often times than not they'll change out the balusters and they'll either go from traditional colonial style oak or even poplar to a metal baluster – some with the little nests in it There's a million options out there we're seeing more that a mixture of you know a couple blends of two or three different types of balusters in a staircase so that's kind of option two that we're seeing out there, just a simple replacement of spindles and usually what we end up doing at that point in time is we're going to change up the color of the stain on the handrails, the bottom rails, the stringers and the risers so we get asked all the time how can we change this You know because it can be it can start to add up the cost of redoing your staircase so we try to find what they want and we are going to end up having a chemically strip the stain off or if we're looking just a freshen up the look and deepen up the stain, we'll just sand and scuff the surface and really bite into that varnish on the surface that we do a layered stain on top and then re-coat it and everything

And we try to that's in a situation where we're going from something that a little lighter to maybe a little darker You really can't work that the other way because it's kind of hard to do so but chemically stripping it is a very tedious process, looks great and everything but if that did you want a specific color to work with so that's kind of option 2 And really the final thing is the most I would say the most cost-effective way that we really change the look of a staircase in our customers' homes today is painting the balusters or spindles depending upon how you define those are and then we'll also paint the risers and possibly the stringers depending upon the layout of the staircase so it gives it a little bit more of a contemporary feeling like most of the time we're painting a white or off-white we throw in a couple you know we've painted some spindles black so don't be don't be afraid to get a little adventurous and you know maybe paint them a little bit you know maybe even paint them the wall color in the room just something or even a complementary color to the to the room so that's probably the most cost-effective way the way that we find that people would want to change the look because they're just tired of what they want but they don't want to they don't want to spend a ton of money changing up the look but they do want to make a look change in their home so that's really a great cost-effective way to make your staircase really pop Kind of ending this here, we're going to talk about a couple different tips on what we can recommend to you when you're doing a staircase first and foremost if you're say you're putting in a new staircase and you got you decide you want all wood stairs but no runners um I'm not against it I would just make sure if you're aware if you've got small kids in the house and you run down those stairs with socks you will not be running you'll be bouncing on your backside down those stairs because staircases you know you're going to say a hard cherry or hard maple and you get the nice polyurethane finish on there and you come down with a pair of slick socks, and boom boom you'll go sliding down so if I can make a recommendation go ahead and spend the money get yourself a brand new runner right down the middle of stairs something a little more a little more contemporary or you don't have to but just be fore-warned that it can be a little bit of a hazard I've seen people come down they wanted it you know just just the staircase just the wood and a few years later they end up putting on carpet runners you know because maybe the kids left and now there's grandkids and scooping them up off the ground because they you know it's not it's fun when you want to slide down a staircase well you know on a mat or something but not on your backside so it's a great time if you're doing your staircase to go ahead you know fix those broken balusters pull them out get them replaced also maybe to screw down those that squeaky tread you know you're walking the stairs on visit you know or if you've got teenagers in your home you might want to leave that so when they come in past curfew you already know so I'm Mark here at Discover Your Home I just want to thank you guys for joining us we appreciate it

Hey and we'll see you next week Thanks thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover Your Home with your host Mark Lotz, online at LotzRemodelingcom that's wwwLotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook @LotzRemodeling, we'll catch you next time

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