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Restoring Bathroom Vanities and Bathtubs | Low Budget Remodeling Ideas | Naperville, Chicago

Restoring Bathroom Vanities and Bathtubs: Low Budget Remodeling Ideas Are you a DIYer looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, getting advice needing to hire a contractor, and staying up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on news and trends? You are in the right place Welcome to Discover Your Home with your host, Mark Lotz

How's everybody doing tonight? Mark here at Discover Your Home Thank you for joining me on this wonderful Thursday evening we're going into Memorial Day weekend here, and tonight we are going to talk about restoring parts of your home, and what I mean probably in restoration, we're talking about instead of replacing, we're going to talk about restoring some cabinets or bathtub or fixtures So, maybe kind of give you some ideas out there for your do-it-yourselfers on areas that you might want to change the look of your home or your rental property and do it most cost-effectively We'll just leave it at that because I'm not a big believer that everybody should fully do a blowout remodel

When I'm with our customers and I ask them questions, I get down to let's talk budget, let's talk the scope of work, let's talk, hey how long you going to be in the home? Some folks want to change some things over to enjoy it for a couple more years and a complete remodel doesn't make sense for them So, I'm going to offer up some suggestions that will assist you in making a good decision So, let's first start off with cabinets and then vanities So, what can we do to our vanities if we're not going to take them out our kitchen cabinets? We're not going to take them out There's a couple options and I always start off with let's look on the economic scale and we'll start with the most cost effective solution and I've said this time and time again

Painting is the most cost effective way to change the look of a room or a fixture It's pretty inexpensive in relation to painting versus replacing It makes sense and it's generally a little bit easier to do for the do-it-yourselfers So, what I'm going to recommend on the scale, so there again, let's just say you're you're planning only staying there a couple years You want to change the look of the canvas, you're just tired of that dark oaky look or it's kind of got a cherry color

You're just tired of it and you really really like the painted cabinet look I'm not going to talk you out of it There are some downsides to it, we'll talk a little bit about that, but the plus side is, it's very cost effective to change whether you do it yourself or you're paying somebody to do it It is the most cost effective solution to changing the look of a bathroom or a kitchen What we're talking about here is why we're going to restore it

It really gets back to there again, your budget, you don't feel like going through the whole remodelling process, you want to keep it to a minimal, and you're not looking to stay long in your home So, what we're going to recommend is paint it, let's get it prepped, cleaned very well, good bonding primer and a good urethane coating to go on top of it There's some great stuff I generally recommend if you're going to do this, I would love to see you to spray it but most folks don't have a sprayer, don't have the equipment, don't have the experience, don't necessarily have the knowledge of that So, buy a better roller cover and brush, buy better quality materials if you're going to do that

If you decide to hire somebody, find out what kind of materials they’re going to use, what their process is, how much are they going to spray? Are they going to brush, are they going to roll? What is their process by which they're going to change the look of your kitchen, and at that time I'm going to make a couple of suggestions A lot of times, your cabinets are 15, 20, 25 years old, maybe even older Change out your hinges, change out your hardware This is a good time to kind of just do a little bit of clean-up on the cabinets and just painting them alone and changing up hardware and just giving it a real fresh look will change the look and probably the value of your kitchen So, moving forward, if you decide to sell your home down the road

So, if we're also going to do that, we can go up a level, so if I'm going to go up the economic level, let's talk about cabinet refacing So, you're going to find, top of the hill is replacing, then refacing, then painting, so we're in the middle here We're going to talk a little bit about refacing So, what is refacing your cabinets? It's a pretty simple process They generally leave the body of the cabinet in place, pull the hardware, pull the doors

They will either laminate the face or paint the face of the cabinet, depending upon what finish you’re going to go with The body of the cabinets could be either painted or they put a laminate on the face of it and then they basically put new crown molding on there, edge moldings, shoe moldings, new doors and new hardware Now that goes up kind of the scale, cost wise If you're looking price-wise, it's kind of fits between painting and replacing If say, it costs $5 to paint, it's probably like $10 to reface and then it's like $15 for cabinets for replacing them

So, hopefully I made myself clear and I didn't confuse I can get a little deluded there So, these are some things that you guys can do that will change up the look There again, going back to my painting quote, let's make sure that if you're looking to stay a very short period of time or you don't want to invest a lot of money because you think you're going to be out, or in some neighborhoods, you're probably not going to get the value out of it because your home is in a neighborhood where they're tearing it down and they're basically going to be buying your property up It's very common in the western suburbs of Chicago, we're seeing that quite a bit where say, smaller, older homes and larger lots are being torn down but if you want to kind of change up the look, this is a good cost-effective way

If you're looking a little bit more long-term, I would say reface costs will go up for you but you find the right guy to do it, I'll tell you what, I've seen some great jobs out there, seen some not so great, but I'll tell you on the average, they do a real nice job and I'd recommend that might be an avenue for you and your home Let's talk about other reasons why you are restoring It's probably that you might have an investment property, it might be a parent's home, it might be you don't want to over invest and your budget may be small That's okay, we can still do some work Let's do some changes that can best suit you and your family and your needs

So, let's get down to refacing tubs or resurfacing tubs You can also do ceramic tile They've come out with some really neat products out there where you can reglaze or spray these tubs because your tubs… you know a perfect example I took one out that was blue, and it had its day forty years ago, maybe fifty years ago So, the homeowner wanted to get rid of it so a good way to get rid of it, a very cost effective way is to reglaze it or repaint it for lack of a better term

We've done a couple on a number of our projects so we could make the customer happy instead of taking out this big cast-iron tub Usually, it's cast-iron that we find that people want to change Look, there's nothing wrong with the tubs it's just that over time, with the water and soap and dirt and being cleaned, the surface starts to wear down so you're basically like repainting a car You still have the bones of the car, motor runs great Same thing with a tub

Instead of taking it out, because once you take it out, you got to deal with the drain There's so many other things involved You have to deal with new tile They've got some really nice products out there that they can spray that are not just color They have multicolored products out there for fiberglass shower bases

So, this isn't just cast-iron tubs We're talking shower bases, shower walls In that industry alone, they've got a lot of stuff that you can resurface sinks You can resurface like I said tile around If their home’s a little older, you find that homes that were built in the 60s, there was a lot of ceramic tile built and still holds up to this day in fabulous shape

It's just it really needs to be freshened up So, go ahead and get that reglaze and I'll tell you, there's some really great products out there There's some really great companies that do handle that sort of service So, let's see if there's anything else I want to chat with you guys about tonight We've got reglazing

do-it-yourself It really gets back to being cost-effective, finding a great solution that's going to help you enjoy your home more So, I want to thank you again for joining me I'm Mark at Discover Your Home It's Memorial Day weekend but if you get a chance, think of somebody that is in the Armed Forces

A young man, young woman Go out there and thank them because we live in the greatest place on earth and I want you folks to have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend So, thanks again for joining me I'm Mark See you guys later

Thanks so much for listening to this episode of Discover your Home with your host, Mark Lotz online at LotzRemodelingcom That's LotzRemodelingcom and on Twitter and Facebook @LotzRemodeling We'll catch you next time

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